Friday, November 18, 2016

Prophet Picks the Playoffs - Division Finals

Kinda sad to think that there are only 3 games left in the 2016 season. The positive of course from a Rider perspective is that each passing week brings us closer to 2017. Though my liver is about the only part of me that does not wish there were still meaningful Rider football going on.

East-Final: Edmonton vs. Ottawa
Who I Want To Win: Ottawa but only if Harris is QBing. If Burris is under centre then I want Edmonton. I know its petty but sports is about entertainment and I find Burris' post-season meltdowns entertaining.
Who I Think Will Win: Ottawa
Why: Logic would dictate Edmonton as the favourite... hell given the sad state of the East division if a new western franchise was formed tomorrow, it would be the favourite. That said, I'm going against logic here. I have seen many hyped crossover teams get whooped in the East Final... err check that, according to the interwebs, I have seen exactly 2 teams ('08 Esks and '09 Lions) come up short in the East Final. But my grossly exaggerated point remains, this game favours the home team... especially given the Ottawa crowd. Also, I think Ottawa is one of the few teams with the firepower to go toe to toe with the Esks in an offensive shootout. Add in questions around Reilly's health and you have the makings for an upset... unless Burris has other ideas.

West-Final: BC vs. Calgary
Who I Want To Win: Some kind of act of god whereby nobody wins
Who I Think Will Win: Calgary
Why: So few weaknesses on that Calgary team. As much hype as the offense gets, that defense was a huge strength of that team. Add in a rock solid O-line, a seemingly endless string of impact receivers, a power run game and Bo Levi Mitchell. I mean there's a chance one of these strength falters on Sunday but I doubt they all falter simultaneously. This should be a damn good game... which should in theory go without saying when discussion the division finals but in my mind this game is the defacto Grey Cup. Winner is the most likely team to win the cup... which brings me back to my initial wish for a scenario where they both lose. As someone who watched a ton of pro-wrestling growing up I can think of many viable scenarios that could lead to this.


Govind said...

Re. your west final scenario, Chris Jones shows up out of nowhere with a steel chair, Ko's anyone in his way and claims the Riders as west final champs?

The East - showing my age but I was in the same scenario in 1994. I wanted BC to knock off Calgary and Edmonton but did not want to cheer for Kent Austin following his trade demand. It all worked out with McManus coming in off the bench to lead them.

Rider Prophet said...

Gov - Yes! All this needs is Andre Proulx getting knocked out and not seeing the game winning TD only to wake up in time to rule Jones the winner