Saturday, November 26, 2016

Prophet Picks the Playoffs: Grey Cup Edition

Six months, 9 teams, 81 games and 20,737,837 challenges for irrelevant pass interference all come down to this... 1 last game for the chance to have your name etched on a cup that may break during the etching process. Its the top team in the West vs. the top team in the East (which is a lot like saying the best figure skater in the Sahara) in front of literally dozens of fans, some of which are only there because of cheap pizza.

Don't let me intro fool you, I am very much looking forward to the Grey Cup. Love the game and what it's all about!

Grey Cup: Ottawa vs. Calgary
Who I want to win: Complicated answer... my ideal scenario has Henry Burris giving us a vintage Burris playoff performance (think ball flying by his head in 2013 or any one of the myriad of turnovers over the years) and Trevor Harris coming off the bench to lead an improbable comeback victory. I am conditioned to generally not cheer for the Stamps so I guess if that can't happen I would prefer Ottawa wins anyway... but the last time Burris won a Cup he openly wept well trying to explain the deep significance of "We Are the Champions" so that is certainly a drawback of that scenario.
Who I think will win: The Calgary Stompeders (spelling error is intentional for once as I think they will indeed Stomp the RedBlacks)
Why: Honestly don't see a weakness on the Stamps that RedBlacks can exploit. Defense is rock solid (and an under appreciated reason for their record), they have a powerful run game, they have great receivers, Mitchell looks unstoppable. Stamps would have to falter in multiple areas before they begin to show weakness and I don't see that happening. Anything can happen on Grey Cup Sunday and I actually expect a somewhat exciting game (at least early on) but if you are betting against the Stamps you either didn't watch a CFL game this season or are currently on a drunken Grey Cup bender (in which case, good on you).

Enjoy the great Canadian tradition that is the Grey Cup.

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Unknown said...

Anther reason to cheer for the RedBlacks would be having a small bet to pay off huge on the odds!! lol Hmmm... I should check some Vegas odds on this game!! lol