Friday, September 16, 2016

Riders vs. Eskimos: Round 3

Excuse me? Pardon? What was that you said?

The lowest scoring offense in the CFL will likely be without about the only good thing it has going for it? 

I see.

Calleb Holley how are your hands? Excellent, please take this note over to the refs telling them we forfeit.

Honestly I should not be so downtrodden but I don't see how an offense that has been next to non-existent will suddenly come to life when its most/only explosive weapon doesn't play... even against a defense as bad as the Esks.

The Esks come in a surprising 5-6. By virtue of not being the Riders and not having their QB sparring with his receivers they likely make the playoffs (something we can only dream of) but still the Esks' season has to be seen as somewhat of a disappointment. They have a top notch offense but that defense... well let's just say they are lucky the Riders have deflected some of the attention away from how bad they are.

Admittedly our defense has been looking better in recent weeks. In the last meeting they were absolutely torched by Shakir Bell and he likely gets the start against us again. The dilemma is that if you focus too much on stopping the run, Bowman and Walker will torch you like you were a suspected witch in days of yore. Getting bodies on Reilly would help but asking for that would be akin to asking for us to run. I see the D keeping Bell in better check this time around but I still say they give up 25 points minimum (likely closer to 30).

That means that our junk O-line having and good Roosevelt not having offense needs to score 30 points for us to have a chance. There's a honestly a better chance of Curtis Steele getting 15 carries than there is of that. I don't think the offense will be completely impotent as Durant is still a good QB and the Esk pass coverage is a slight step above awful. Holley will get yards and then do something to piss me off. Getting Bagg more involved will be a necessity. Getting Brandon Bridge far less involved would also be good. Somehow McAdoo managed to turn the back-up QBs from the most beloved people in Saskatchewan to the most loathed.

Wish I had something more positive to say but I only resort to blatant lies when they support my own selfish interests.

Esks by 15

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