Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Too Many Mistakes

Riders 10 - Bombers 17

I'm not sure what is more frustrating, watching the Riders last season when they had zero chance of victory or watching them this season when they have a chance at victory but find every way under the sun to screw it up? I mean neither has been good for my liver but latter i considerably easier on my blood pressure. We've shot ourselves in the foot so many times this season that it makes Plaxico Burress seem alright by comparison.

Our defense finally turned in a respectable outing holding the Bombers to season low of 17 points. To be perfectly honest they didn't look that great in the process but we're not looking for style points here. Admittedly Harris being out helped our cause. The D certainly had their issues (like way too many dumb penalties) but they did their job. Hell I even saw our safety correctly read a play and make a stop. I damn near spit my drink out I was so shocked. Sadly said safety hurt himself on that play. Sigh.

Our offense doesn't exist. I mean honestly... where have they gone. The defense cost us many a game but now that they are finally getting their crap together, our O goes to utter hell. Greg Morris showed promise but at this point we need more than promise to talk about, we need results. It's bad enough that we don't score, then we have to add in these trainwreck trick plays that make me think a 3 year old drew them up in finger paints. I get wanting to take risks and be aggressive but either pick better trick plays or practice the ones you pick a lot more. I have a strong dislike for Caleb Holley. He's a talented receiver but all the crap that goes with him his irking me. His first game it was stepping out of bounds rather than fighting for yards. Last game it was crying to the refs instead of trying to stop the defender he let get a pick. This game it was fumbling at a key time. Get you're damn head on straight and focus on making plays!

It's frustrating because we have had so many chances to win games which shows we are on the right rebuild path but it has been plagued with so many penalties, mental mistakes and downright poor coaching that its tough to keep the faith. The only redeeming thing about this weekend was that Chris Jones wasn't the GM bending over to take Winnipeg's Willy.

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Dan said...

Big kudos for your last line. Well played!