Friday, September 30, 2016

Bye Week Musings

The Riders are on a bye week and while I considered also taking a bye week, I decided instead to take a far more traditional approach and work but just give half assed effort. Now given that usually half ass it when I'm "trying", I would technically be more quarter assing it... but let's not get too technical here.

To satisfy your insatiable desire for football talk and your far more satiable desire for my commentary, here are some random bye week musings.

-  He may not be a converted receiver, basketball player or notable racist like we usually look for in a d-lineman, but Willie Jefferson is a solid addition to our D-line. He's versatile and talented... if we actually let him rush the QB he may boost our non-existent sack numbers. That said Jones will convert him to safety.

- I will go on record as saying I am decidedly against getting rid of Durant,  but given how crazy Popp has been this season, if he called I would at least listen to what he has to offer. Likely it will be nowhere near enough for us to even consider it but again, he's done some crazy things.

- Count me firmly in the "Extend Durant" camp. We have nothing even close in terms of talent waiting in the wings. We can't afford to enter 2017 with uncertainty under centre and pretty much any scenario that doesn't involve Durant is full of uncertainty.

- As the secondary finally starts to stabilize, the remaining glaring needs for the Riders remains in the trenches: O-line and interior d-linemen.

- I don't get people who justify the decision not to suspend Austin by saying that because there was no precedent Orridge's decision was logical and now they can bring in a new policy in the offseason. I call BS! The beauty of not having a precedent is that you get to set the precedent. And to me the idea that you touch a ref, you miss a game makes a hell of a lot more sense then you touch a ref, we will change where you coach from.

- How can you say that the league is not going easier on coaches than players? Austin bumped a player last year and a ref this year and received zero suspensions. Duron Carter bumped a coach once and missed a game (eventually). What do you think would happen if he did bumped a ref?

- Really looking forward to the Rams game on Saturday. Not just because of the new stadium but also because the Rams are playing some really exciting football.

- How did anyone think this NFL Colour Rush thing was a good idea?

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