Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Support the Mascot Soccer Petition

The schedule is now out for the Farewell Season at Mosaic Stadium (which will somewhat confusingly be followed by the Inaugural Season at Mosaic Stadium). That means football fans across Canada have started planning out their 2016 season. While most people are focusing the on the games, I am currently focused on an important but often overlooked part of game day... the half time show.

We all love (and occasionally gamble on) the racing dogs and the kids playing football is enjoyable but let's face it, in the absence of flipping snowmobiles and awkwardly dancing sharks, one half time show stands head and shoulders above all other: Mascot Soccer.

I don't want to overstate things but its one of the greatest things in life. Its brought us such enduring memories as unobservant helpers getting hit in the head with an oversized soccer ball; cheap hits on unsuspecting and overly docile mascots by the stronger more athletic ones; and the Wendy's Milkshake deflating and looking like a boob... and still managing to score on a breakaway as the deflated suit falls around him.

Sadly, the Roughriders have denied us this joy for many years now. Year after year I ask for it and year after year I wind up disappointed. And I for one say that the Farewell Season is the perfect time to end this. So today I am launching the Official Rider Prophet Petition for Mascot Soccer at Mosaic and I need your help to make this a reality. Help me drum up so much public support that they have no choice but to include mascot soccer as part of the farewell season.

There are 3 ways to help bring back Mascot Soccer:

1 - Support us on social media with the hashtag #MascotSoccerAtMosaic
This will be our primary tool. Tweet, retweet and generally ensure the @sskroughriders timeline is crammed with mentions of mascot soccer. If all my followers tell just one person, then we've hit at least 7 people. Also feel free to bombard other social media platforms with #MascotSoccerAtMosaic... Faced-in, Link-book, Pinstagram etc... I just ask that if you take the petition to Snap Chat you keep the junk pics to a minimum.

2 - Bombard the Roughriders' mail box
I will be sending an email to the Riders formally advising them of my petition and asking them to have mascot soccer for half-time this upcoming season and I suggest you do the same. Also, given that our province is generally behind on adopting technology, I imagine many of you still write actual letters. If you do, please send a letter to Craig Reynolds saying you support the Rider Prophet's petition for mascot soccer. Every letter and email helps.

3 - Get Creative
There is no limit to the ways you can raise awareness for this important cause. Hire a barbershop quartet to serenade Craig Reynolds about the awesomeness of mascot soccer. Sky writers. Billboards. Hunger strikes. Shave it into your hair. Just make sure that whatever you do is within the confines of law. I will not stop you from pursuing quasi to no-so legal methods but for legality purposes have to be expressly against such tactics.

We have 4 months people. Together we can return mascot soccer to halftime and joy to people everywhere.

I'll leave with a reminder of just how awesome mascot soccer is.


Free Willy said...

We haven't had a streaker at the game for many years either. However I support the Mascot Soccer movement!

Brent said...

Oh man, remember the old days before Global acquired STV? STV had those giant squiggles as mascots. When those guys fell on their backs during mascot soccer, they couldn't get back up. It was glorious.

Rider Prophet said...

Free Willy - not that I generally support male nudity (unless it's me) but I would support a streaker for old time sake. PS bonus points for using the handle "free Willy" to call for streakers

Brent - of course I remember STV! Good times