Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Mosaic Memories

The 2016 season will be the final one at Taylor Field (aka old Mosaic). Now I say this with a caveat as previous “final season” (cough Canad Inns Stadium cough) didn’t end up being final season. But currently all signs point to the new stadium being ready in 2017. Over the coming months there will be a lot of reminiscing about all the memories of the old stadium that will forever be etched in our brains. We will tend to focus on the positive ones and deemphasize the “what is that mysterious liquid dripping on my head?” memories that we will also have a lot of. We’ve come a long way from hemorrhoid hill, whopper of a win nights and the pre-jumbotron days.

I have decided to join in the reminiscing by sharing my favourite Mosaic Memories. I was originally going to just do one post but I realized there are just too many good ones to fit in one post. So I will be breaking it out into a 4 part series. Parts 1 and 2 will focus on my favourite on-field memories. Part 3 will focus on my favourite non-football memories (aka shenanigans in the stands).

For Part 4, I encourage you to join in the memory sharing. If you have a memory you’d like to share please either email it to me or leave it as a comment. I will conclude my walk down memory lane with the Top Reader Memories.

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Brent said...

Hey, I liked Whopper of a Win nights! Well, in concept, anyhow. I'd have liked them a lot more if I'd gotten more than a couple Whoppers out of that promotion. But five minutes into the first quarter of a WoaW game, you knew you at least had a chance.