Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Can't Miss Rider Items on Ebay

Let's face it, we all probably have a lot of Rider collectibles (some liekly a lot more than others). Ebay can be a great place to find some of those rare items to add to those collections.

However as we know, among the rare and coveted items found on Ebay are a number of items that you can scarcely determine why anyone would think that would sell let alone why some of them have been bid on. And so I present:

Can't Miss Rider Items on Ebay

We start with:

Saskatchewan Roughrider Ice Mint Dental Floss

Yes for the low starting bid of $3.98 you can get Rider floss off ebay... please note that shipping will cost $2.69.  Curiously this so far has no bids. I really like how its call "Sport Floss" as if that doesn't make the regular old crappy floss you use seem awful by comparison.

Pilsner Rider Nation 13th Man flag

For just $7.99 plus $12.50 shipping you can own a flag that is literally given out with every one of the million cases of Pil sold over the summer. Sure it may cost a bit more for the case of beer but at least then you have been... and didn't pay for a free flag. Also currently 0 bids.

Steven Jyles Signed Photo

How can any Rider collection be complete without a signed picture of famed Rider QB Steven Jyles. It's only $14.99. Relive all the cursing and disappointment that characterized his time here by buying a signed picture of him to constantly remind yourself.

CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders Peel and Stick Growth chart

I realize that the picture doesn't show the entire growth chart but I'm pretty certain that isn't a Riders growth chart. $12.99 if you are still interested.

Saskatchewan Roughrider Racoon Hat

Because of course you can get one of these. It doesn't specify if its real fur... sadly I may end up bidding on this. $27.99

Saskatchewan Roughrider Legends Coaster

Continuing the theme of trying to profit of of crap they give away for free at the LB you can pay $9.95 for this set of 4 coasters. Honestly I have tons of these just lying around my house (I may drink the occasional Wisers during the season... much like how Kerry Joseph through the occasional pick in the WSF ) that I can just give you.

2004 JOGO CFL Santino Hall Card
Don't have much to say about this other than "Hey, remember Santino Hall?"


Anonymous said...

haha great memories! at least the dental floss was new and not used...

Brent said...

I like how the players featured on three of the four coasters are named Ed/Eddie. Almost as if they had a theme in mind. They should make one with Eddie Johnson to complete the set.

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Jaxon Oakley said...

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