Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Round-Up: Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

Cohon reportedly in mix for next chair of MLSE

It's that time again.

What time is that?

That time where I don't have enough material for a post that is even remotely coherent by my low standards so I just post random thoughts as they pop into my head. Its an offseason staple around here.

- RIder news continues to trickle in as the Rider Prophet Endorsed Eltoro Freeman's signing was made official. Also added was Philip Steward. Given our track record of LB recruits lately I'm a bit skeptical but I do like that unlike in the past where we seemed to sign a lot of old LBs with long NFL stints, at least now we are picking up younger guys... you know guys with potential. 

- We also released Marvin Burdette (just another failed LB recruit) and Shomari Williams... whose failures could take up an entire post. I'll say this though, I thought he had a decent season on special teams last year. not spectacular but not bad. Problem is when you are  make $120k "not bad" on teams doesn't quite cut it.

- 2010 will go down as an abysmal drafting year for us. We got Shomari, Jordan Sisco (don't get me started on that pick), Pat Neufeld (who I hated when tried to turn him into a starter) and Bruno LaPointe (who never even attended a training camp).

- In Winnipeg, there has now been a lawsuit filed over all the deficiencies in Investors Group Field. Issues like poor drainage, poor insulation and weak concrete are all alleged. I still say that a giant red flag should have been back when a wall blew over during construction and they said they did not expect it to delay timelines.

- Between the shoddy workmanship in Winnipeg and the unending delays in Hamilton, the bar has been set insanely low for our new stadium to be considered a success.

- I read a rumour that Mark Cohon might be in the mix as a potential new head of MLSE. If he ends up in that role and MLSE doesn't buy the Argos he could go from one of the most beloved men in football to one of the most reviled.

- Speaking of the Argos, their status as the destination of choice for out of work NFL RBs continued this week when they signed Bernard Scott. With Steve Slaton already in camp could the likes of Darren McFadden and Peyton Hillis be far behind?

CFL Ins and Outs
In: LB Philip Steward (free agent signing)
Out: LB Shomari Williams, LB Marvin Burdette (released)

In: QB Bo Levi Mitchell, LB Juwan Simpson (contract extension)

In: DL Marcus Dixon, DL Zach Minter (free agent signing)
Out: RB Stefan Logan, DL Eric Taylor, DL Chris Olson, RB Bradley Randle (released)

Out: LB Eric Samuels (released)

In: WR Ezra Millington, DB Shea Pierre (free agent signing)

In: K John Mark, RB Akeem Shavers, DB David Toussaint (free agent signing)
Out: DE Devan Walker (released)


In: DL Sam Scott, DL Scott Adewale, DL Dan Giordano, LB Dan Molls (free agent signing)

In: RB Bernard Scott (free agent signing)

In: DB Billy Parker (contract extension)

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