Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Free Agency Eve

We are but hours away from one of the most highly anticipated events on the football calendar... and by that I mean a marginal event that will get blown well out of proportion because we have been deprived of football for over a week now. Yes Free Agency opens tomorrow at 11 am and while there aren't many marquee names left on the market, honestly the crop is as good as any CFL free agency... a few starters, a number of depth guys.

As I announced on Friday, tomorrow starting at 10am I will be doing my 1st Annual Rider Prophet Free Agent Occurrence. It will feature live blogging, an active Twitter feed and as much fun as you can have on a Tuesday morning within the confines of the law. I've debated many time whether this is a good idea but then I remind myself of the last time I watched NHL free agent frenzy on TSN and remember that it can't possibly be worse than that because at least there are zero expectations going into this.

So I will save my normal Monday commentary for tomorrow, because otherwise I'm apt to run out of material within 3 minutes tomorrow and resort to asking my 1.5 viewers to help me solve the morning Suduko puzzle. Odds are you will be tracking the goings on so why not do so with yours truly and maybe have some fun in the process.

See you tomorrow... I hope... please... my fragile heart can't take anymore crushing disappointment (just kidding, decades of cheering for the Riders has helped my heart build up a strong tolerance to crushing disappointment)

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