Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Round-Up: Glenn Returns

It was a wild a whacky trip that took over a decade an involved being passed around more than a town bicycle but Kevin Glenn has finally returned to Saskatchewan where his career began. In signing him, the Riders get the CFL's best insurance policy. After the train-wreck that was last season its understandable why getting a reliable back-up was a priority. Honestly I can't see how having Glenn here is anything but a positive. We all hope that his ass stays permanently stuck to the bench but realistically would you rather have him coming in in relief or Sunseri/Doege/pretty much any current back-up QB? My only concern with Glenn is that he seems to curse the starting QB wherever he goes. Look back at Glenn's history:
- He comes from BC where he expected to be a temporary fill in for Lulay. Lulay got hurt again and Glenn ended up as the starter all year.
- Before there he was briefly with Ottawa where his curse manifested itself as "cursing" the franchise with Henry Burris as thier QB.
- Prior to that he was in Calgary where he was supposed to be the back-up to Drew Tate but ended up starting pretty much every game because Tate is made of glass (and an ass-hat)
- Prior to that he was in Hamilton where he was supposed to back-up Quinton Porter. Porter was terrible and Glenn assumed the starting role
- Prior to that he was in Winnipeg where the curse affected him as the starter by breaking his arm prior to the biggest game of his career.

Look out Darian!!

The pressure will now be on Sunseri, Doege (and Price if he is returning... mixed reports on that). Only one of them will get to stay as our hot shot young development project. There is word that Brett Smith from Wyoming will be added to the QB competition. He spent time with the Argos last season.

The other news was the signing of OL Gord Hinse. He had a promising start to his career but more recently has been nothing more than a back-up type. Regardless of whether or not he rediscovers his earlier form, Hinse is an important signing because we need the depth at OL. It got tested last year so the more we can build up the reserves the better. Hinse may not be a flashy signing but there honestly wasn't anything better sitting out there available.

In other miscellaneous news, we are reportedly out of the Rene Curran bidding... though for some odd reason every other team is also saying they are out. Someone is lying (most likely Ottawa). In other odd LB news, it was reported that Brian Peters was in negotiations with New Orleans. Peters quickly took to Twitter to say that was false. Apparently New Orleans is interested so maybe Peters should be negotiating with them. Taman puts his odds at 50/50 of jumping to the NFL but likes our odds if he stays north of the border.

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