Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Dressler

Flurry of Rider activity last week, which surely means that by March we will be so devoid of news that I may be reduced to providing play by play of stadium construction (which is on pace to be completed before Hamilton's). But let's enjoy this while it lasts and get right to it.

The biggest news last week was the one that either left you with dampness on your cheeks or underwear. Weston Dressler signed an extension with the Riders. It was an almost unheard of 4 year extension which shows just how committed his is to this province. I was never really all that worried that he wouldn't be back. I mean it wouldn't make much sense for him to be involved with the hiring of Chapdelaine if both sides weren't confident a deal would get done. So what took so long then? The SJ Green deal was really the last hold up. Dressler and his agent wanted to gauge what fair market value was, Green signing for $250K set the ceiling and within days a deal got hammered out. Likely in the $230-240K ish range. It's great to know that Dressler will continue his storied career here where he belongs. I would say its like we've watched him grow up before our very eyes but you know he hasn't really grown. Side note, Dressler is so popular and beloved in this province at the moment that he could stick his junk in every panini and blizzard that is served and people would just love him more.

As a side note to the Dressler signing, it was reported last week that until SJ Green signed his deal,  Chris Getzlaf was the highest paid WR at $225. Which is lunacy!! He is  no doubt one of the best Cdn WR's in the league but I assumed that he was making in the 170ish range like Fantuz is. That anyone could be convinced he is the most valuable WR in this league is crazy. I want Getzlaf's agent. The pro strip club faction should hire him, evidently he could get that deal done.

The other big news was a trade with the Bombers that saw us acquire Cory Watson and a 3rd Rd draft pick in exchange for Kris Bastien a 2nd Rd pick and neg list player. Watson is a starting caliber receiver. Big, physical, good possession receiver, great blocker. BUT his a bandaid. He just can't stay healthy. If we can get a full season out of him then we win this trade in a landslide. But that's a big if. What is good about this is that it finally addresses the looming ratio issues we have. If Heenan doesn't come back we have no option for a 7th Cdn starter... Watson allows to play 3 Cdn WRs which along with 3 OL and Emry gives us our 7. This moves also makes me think Heenan is no longer in our plans despite what Taman says. We have now pumped 225k into Getz, at least that much into Dressler and Watson is making $120k. Simple put I think we will play Adcock at tackle for cap reasons. We will have to see I guess. Side note to the Watson deal: back in 2010 we could have drafted him but we passed on both him and Shawn Gore in favour of... that's right Jordan Sisco.

 NFL Watch
John Chiles signs with Chicago Bears
Duron Carter expected to sign with Indianapolis Colts
Matt O’Donell signs with Cincinnati Bengals
Ian Wild signs with Pittsburgh Steelers

CFL Ins and Outs

In: WR Weston Dressler (contract extension), WR Cory Watson (trade with Win)
Out: WR Kris Bastien (trade with Win)

In: DL Odell Willis, DL Don Oramasionwu (contract extension)
Out: OL Matt O’Donnell (signed with Cincinnati)

In: WR Austin Collie (free agent signing)

In: WR Kris Bastien (trade with Ssk)
Out: WR Cory Watson (trade with Ssk), LB Ejiro Kuale (released)

In: OL Tyler Holmes (contract extension)
Out: WR John Chiles (signed with Chicago)

Out: WR Duron Carter (signed with Indianapolis)

In: WR Lanear Sampson (free agent signing)
Out: QB Joey Elliot (released)

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