Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Defensive Coordinator, Signings and More

I type this post with a somewhat heavy heart as the realization that there are only 3 more football games until June hit me last night. We've been without CFL football for too long already but at least the NFL (and its reffing controversies) helped fill the void. That will soon be gone too and all we will have left is our imaginations and the few shreds of CFL news that slip out. It's times like this I'd would have been nice if that whole XFL debacle had panned out.

Onto Rider news:

The search for a new DC continues as Mike Benevides announced on Friday that he is taking a year off of coaching. This throws a big wrench into our "full Buono" plan. With the clear cut favourite out of contention, the next leading contender appears to be Montreal LB coach Greg Quick. He won't so much be our DC if hired as "the guy who is called DC but does all the grunt work while Chamblin calls the plays". An announcement is expected next week.

Two re-signings were announced on Friday: Korey Williams and Terrell Maze. Maze was not an FA but headed into the final year of his contract. This extension shows just how important he is to this team. He is a very underrated cover guy. As for Williams, I really like this signing. Late last season he showed signs of developing into a reliable contributor on offense... and that was with a collection of crap throwing him the ball. I think he has a strong chance of pushing for a starting spot in 2015. In a world of Schillens, Swains and Rileys, he was a welcome change of pace.

As for other free agent speculation... my gut tells me that we will get a deal done with Dressler. I think that was part of the motive for ditching Picard because we needed the cap space. If Heenan plays in the CFL it will be with us but I my gut tells me we may have to wait for him until September as he may get an NFL tryout. If Heenan goes (even if temporarily) it will force us to play to import tackles (Fulton and Adcock) which means ratio issues and the need for another Canadian starter. The Riders have hinted at a Canadian safety... which is all fine and good until you consider that we don't have a viable Canadian safety prospect on the roster. Nor are there any just sitting around. Things sound positive in terms of re-signing Weldon Brown. All's quiet on the Brackenridge front (which is partly due to not having a DC or knowing if we will need a Canadian in his spot). But just remember that last time Brack was a pending FA things looked bleak and a deal was made at the 11th hour to keep him here. I could that happening again.

In: DB Terrell Maze, WR Korey Williams (contract extension)

In: OL Devin Tyler (contract extension)

In: DB Matt Ware (contract extension)


Brent said...

Three games? No love for the Pro Bowl?

Rider Prophet said...

That hardly qualifies as football... that said I'm not going to lie, I'll probably watch it.