Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Round-Up: Odds and Ends

CFL news may be a bit thin this week but let's be honest, its too cold for you to do anything else so you might as well hunker down and read my meandering thoughts on this week. 

- On the coaching front, Winnipeg has narrowed their DC search down to either Mike Benevides or Richie Hall. Reading between the lines that means they would prefer Benevides but he has the choice of the Riders or the Bombers so Richie Hall is football equivalent of their late night booty call. Though in terms or late night calls you could do worse than Richie Hall. Hell in Winnipeg he would likely be better looking than most actual booty calls. More to the point of the matter, we should know Benevides' choice by this weekend... or seconds after these words get posted knowing my luck.

- Dan Dorazio is expected to join the Riders as the OL coach. He will replace the departing Doug Malone in the long a drawn out offseason swapping of the Riders and Lions' coaching staff.

- I read that Ron Selesky joined the Rider. My immediate reaction was "who the %$^$ is Ron Selesky?!? Generally I at least have a clue whether people are players, coaches, admin, hot dog sellers, etc... Turns out Selesky is an coach/personnel guy from the Arena league who is to become our Director of US scouting. The more you know.

- Word is we have made a contract offer to Tino Sunseri. I can't see him having much alternatives. The onl really murky QB situation is in BC and I somehow doubt a Cortez/Sunseri reunion is something either side wants. 

- ONe interesting non- Rider note was the SJ Green has turned down an offer from the Als that would have made him the highest paid WR in the league and is slated to hit free agency. Given that we just outright released our centre to save cap space for offers to Dressler and Heenan don't expect us to have the $ to be relevant in that negotiation. One team that has a ton of money and no useful receiver to speak off... Ottawa.

NFL Watch
Brett Jones – Workouts with Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NY Giants

CFL Ins and Outs

In: WR Alex Anthony, DL Ryan Wellman (contract extension)
Out: OL Dominic Picard, LB Tristan Black (released)

In: WR Simon Charboneau-Campeau (contract extension)

In: LB Jason Aragki, FB Rolly Lumbala, OL Cam Thorn (contract extension)

In: DB Demond Washington (contract extension), OL Dominic Picard, FB Tim Cronk (free agent signing)
Out: DL Ryan Lucas (retired)

In: LB Akeem Wonder, DB Travis Hawkins, DB Devin Smith (free agent signing)

In: OL Jeff Perrett, FB Bryn Roy, DB Jamahl Knowles, LS Jared Zaleski (contract extension), OL Phillip Blake (2011 Draft Pick signing)

In: OL Aaron Wheaton, DL Stephon Miller, DL Vincent Desloges, LS Kevin Malcolm (2014 draft pick signing)
Out: RB DJ Harper, RB Michael Hayes (released)

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