Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Richie, George, DePalma and More

Coaching continued to be the major topic of the week across the province… you know that and the weather. Then again the weather and Rider coaches/QBs generally account for 95% of discussion in the province anyway. The remaining 5% relate to the follies of daylights savings time for those interested.

Coach Chamblin confirmed that Richie Hall will not be returning as DC in 2015. He has been offered a different role but let’s be honest here the only way Richie is taking that is if no other CFL or CIS team come calling… and I don’t see that happening. On the surface it seems absurd to change DC after 3 seasons of very solid defenses (including a Grey Cup just 12 months ago) but I think this has been brewing for a long time. Simply put Richie and Chamblin’s philosophies are about as polar opposite of the regular season records of the Stamps and RedBlacks. I think we were all surprised when Chamblin kept Richie as DC when he was hired in 2012. Chamblin said he’d even taken over play calling from Richie late this season. It just reached a point where regardless of how good a DC Richie is he just didn’t fit with Corey’s vision for the team. Its a crappy end for a standup man and talented coach in Hall but the business of football is all rainbows and lollipops. I just hope Chamblin isn't biting off more than he can chew. The list of potential replacements includes Mike Benevides, Mike Sinclair and Corey Chamblin. Personally while guys like Chris Jones prove it can be done, my strong preference is for a permanent DC. Despite the reports, it sounds like Devon Claybrooks is not on the list of potential DC's... though my sense is that is because Claybrooks has chosen to stay in Calgary as opposed to us not being interested.

The short list of potential OC's includes Paul LaPolice, Jacques Chapdelaine (please no), Pete Costanza (Stamps WR Coach)... I would have issues with a coach named Costanza that have nothing to do with football (It says Moopes!)

I happier Rider news, Tearrius George inked an extension last week. This is great news for a couple reasons. One it means our entire front 4 will be back next year and George is a big part of that. Two: it means we at least have a little left over cap space for extensions. Though I can't rule out the possibility of us just saying "screw the cap" and spending what we want.

I weirder Rider news was word that Dan DePalma has an NFL workout schedule. Look I liked what I saw in DePalma but didn’t think he had NFL talent… then again given that the likes of Sisco and Grice-Mullen have received NFL tryouts what do I know about the talent requirements for the NFL.

Coaching Carousel
BC interested in Jeff Tedford as HC

NFL Watch
Dan DePalma – an NFL workout
Moton Hopkins – workout with Minnesota
Delvin Breaux – workout with Houston(among others)

CFL Ins and Outs

In: DL Tearrius George (contract extension)
Out: QB Kerry Joseph (retired)

In: OL Simeon Rottier, WR Shamawd Chambers, DB Corbin Sharun, DB Marcell Young (contract extension)

In: DB Maurice Leggett, OL Chris Greaves (contract extension)

In: LB Nick Rosamonda, DB Shane Hebert, QB Logan Kilgore (contrat extension), WR Diontae Spencer, DB David Sims, DL Ridge Wilson (free agent signing)

In: RB Terell Sutton, WR Eric Deslauriers, DL Michael Klassen, LB Nicolas Boulay (contract extension)

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