Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Cast Your Vote

Well the match-up is set for the Grey Cup. The Ticats used a heavy dose of Brandon Banks to beat the Als. I have to admit, while I'm glad the Ticats won, I was really enjoying SJ Green backing up his trash talk with a monster performance. As for the West, the Esks learned that playing a crippled QB and an inability to score TDs will only prove successful if you face an offense as futile as the Riders. I was secretly hoping for an epic Stamps collapse but that just wasn't in the cards.

I'll have more Grey CUp thoughts later this week but for now we need to get to some important business.The 8th Annual Rider Prophet Awards will soon be handed out and as you can tell by the poll at the top of the page, its time for you the fans to cast your vote for the Fans' Choice Douchebag of the Year. This year's nominee's include a who's who of the douchiest of people in the CFL this season:

Kyries Hebert – Nominated for blatantly taking a headshot at 2 time reigning douchebag of the year Jon Cornish. Not only was it a nasty hit that has no place in this game (and was severely under-penalized) it also made me feel some degree of compassion for Cornish which is reason enough to put Hebert on the nomination block

Chris Jones – This one is kinda self explanatory as Jones is just an a-hole and that’s a well known fact. If you want specific reasons you should vote for him I could point to his refusal to shake hands after a game but the one that really irked me was when he refused to have his team on the field in time for the national anthem. 

Pat Watkins – Nominated for uttering a homophobic slur towards Bo Levi Mitchell that got caught on camera. I’m not so na├»ve as to think this is the first time Watkins has said such things towards an opponent, this is just the first time he got caught.

Maurice Price – Another guy who just generally gives off an a-hole vibe year in and year out. This year’s most notable occurrence was his anti Michael Sam tweet. To refresh your memory, after Michael Sam was drafted, Price tweeted “My faith won't let me accept what took place over the weekend. Sorry, not sorry! #AdamAndEve #NotAdamAndAdam” Maybe if he spent time with Sam he could learn how to actually hang onto a ball.

Other – If you feel someone else’s achievements in the field of douchebaggery warrant consideration for this highly prestigious award then leave a comment with their name and they will be considered.   

So there are your 2014 nominees, be sure to let your voice be heard and cast your vote.


Anonymous said...

Voted for Other--

Jon Corish should be on the ballot for life.

He gets my vote.

Rider Prophet said...

Great stuff. Your votes have been counted.

I actually considered putting Cornish on the ballot just because... I guess the move would have been well received.

Anonymous said...

my vote is for Corn-hole.....

Slippy said...

My vote is for cornish... so pompous that even when he retires the douchebag award should be renamed after him.