Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Random, Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

Those of you familiar with how the offseason works around here will not be surprised by the title of this post. For those of you that are new to this, basically unless there is some big Rider news or I come up with some filler posts (which rest assured will be coming), most blogging days you will have to settle for a series of random thoughts on current CFL events that as the title implies I can’t promise will be coherent (though if it was coherent thoughts you were after you would have given up on this site a long time ago).

Let’s get to it:
- With the Riders eliminated, I have been trying to decide who to pull for of the remaining teams. In the East I will go with Hamilton because it was the 90s the last time those fans got a championship (plus now that Burris isn’t their QB they are infinitely more likable… as well as likely to succeed). Bonus points for being the only fan base to care enough about the playoff game to sell it out.

- As for the West, since double default isn’t likely a viable option, I guess I will have to go with the Esks. Not that I particularly like them, I’m just a big fan of Calgary’s repeated playoff chokes.

­- BC started their offseason off with a bang by firing Head Coach Mike Benevides. The Lions regressed every year under his leadership and I was never sold on him being a great HC. Though to be fair the Harris injury and the QB situation were not really his fault. I’m surprised more criticism isn’t being directed at Buono. He was so convinced that Benevides was the right guy for the job that he gave him a 2 year extension in June. One has to question Buono’s judgment if 6 months later the determination is that Benevides needs to be fired. I honestly think it should be policy that if a GM wants to fire a coach who he hired or extended within the past 12 months he needs to also resign.

- One name to watch as BC sorts out their coaching situation for next year is Khari Jones. Given the uncertainty surrounding Cortez’s future and our likely desire for a QB coach, if he shakes loose I bet we will be giving him a call.

- The RedBlacks started the coach firing train when the let OC Mike Gibson go. Now I don’t think Gibson is anything special as an OC but can you really blame him for Ottawa’s offensive ineptness when he was given Henry Burris and a cast of 4th string receivers to work with? You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken shit.

- The Riders have an extensive list of potential free agents. I won’t bother getting into the list now as it will likely change as some signings are announced. Plus I can’t waste all my potential material in one post… otherwise come January you may have to endure posts that are just me listing which of the cartoons Prophet Jr. watches that I hate and detailing the plot holes therein.

- Finally, its almost time for the Rider Prophet Awards and that means that starting Monday voting will open for the 8th annual Fans’ Choice Douchebag of the Year Award. Jon Cornish is the 2 time defending champion but competition in the field of douchebaggery was stiff this year. Check back Monday for this year’s nominees and to cast your vote.

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