Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Quick Thoughts

It's been an eventful week already in Riderville and we are still daysd away from actually playing. I'll keep this brief but I wanted to post a few thoughts on the transactions and what's been going on.

Obviously the big news is the Kerry Joseph signing. While I don't see this move as greatly improving our odds of getting to the Grey Cup, I don't get people who are mad at the move. It cost us nothing to bring him in and you can't tell me he will decrease the production we have been getting at QB (unless he has discovered a way to score negative points). Joseph is here because Sunseri has yet to prove he can play a full game, Doege was terrible in his debut. We need some emergency plan if Sunseri struggles again next week. I've heard people call it a desperation move and that what it is. We are desperate at QB, there is no denying it. It doubt Joseph will be the miracle cure that solves our problems but I also doubt he can make things worse. I'm just glad we didn't sign Juan Joseph.

The signing I am more excited about it Diamond Ferri. The guy may be a douche bag but he played one hell of a role on our D last year. And he brings needed depth, versatility and nastiness to our D. Quite frankly with all our LB departures I was surprised we didn't keep him in the first place. (Somehow I see this paragraph getting misconstrued as "Prophet excited for arrival of Ferri"... not that there's anything wrong with that).

I'll be back on Friday to tee up the Thanksgiving clash with the Als.

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