Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Terrible Thanskgiving Edition

Riders 9 - Alouettes 40

Thanks-giving? More Like Beat-taking... Am I right? (It's the best I got today)

Life with Durant added another painful chapter on Monday as the Riders got thoroughly ass kicked by the Als. The performance was so painful that it made the obligatory Black/Forde carving the turkey segment seem not that bad by comparison. Rather than give by usual post-game analysis and breakdown the game, I will just save time and say the we sucked in all phases, some more than others admittedly, but the general level of performance for everyone was set on suck for that holiday Monday.

So rather than breakdown all the ways in which we sucked, here are some random thoughts on the game:
- I blame poor effort by #26. I mean come on, show some hustle.

- Lots of talk about George Cortez during this enduring string of QB garbage. Here's the deal.... he didn't just suddenly stop being one of the brightest offensive minds in the game. But what's concerning is that he knows offense and our QBs and has reasoned that our best chance of winning was by Sunseri not throwing a pass. To me that says he doesn't think much of Sunseri's abilities other than he's apparently better than our other 3 options. Again that's concerning.

- That said, we could do a bit more to help him out. The playbook we gave him for this game might as well has come with training wheels attached or padding on the corners. Sunseri may show all the decisiveness of a woman trying to get dressed for a night out but he can do more than handoff. For all his offensive ineptitude, Ryan freakin' Dinwiddie is getting decent production out of a mediocre QB like Crompton, can't tell me Cortez can do a little bit more.

- Roll Sunseri out, cut the field in half for him to make his reads. I'm not offensive guru but that seems like a reasonable approach to me. 

- Seth Doege, we want to like you. We really do. But you just keep throwing picks.

-Though I hopeful when Clark showed well in his one start replacing Picard at centre, the extended absence of Best and now Labatte have convinced me that he is not a starting caliber O-lineman. Great at TE, extra blocker, pass catcher, emergency fill in at OL  but clearly over matched as a starting guard.

- Milo could double his salary by betting drunks that he can hit the ball off the uprights from anywhere on the field on cue.

- Was it wrong that I was hoping that Calvillo would inadvertently wander onto the field during a play and cause the Als to take a too many men penalty?

- To be perfectly honest I see only 2 scenarios where we win again in the regular season. Joseph quickly rediscovers his '07 form or the Esks rests their starters in the final game of the regular season because their playoff position is already decided.

- To anyone thinking the crossover is the easy path we are now winless on the road against Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal and have been outscored 116-27 in the process.


Jim said...

(that should read ... "when HE QB'd ...) typo

Rider Prophet said...

Interesting stuff and probably truth to it.