Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

The combination of limited CFL news and me generally not having the ambition to put in any more effort has led to me breaking out my much beloved quasi coherent thoughts… well probably more like somewhat tolerated quasi-coherent thoughts but you have to take what you can get.

-       Depressing thought, now that the Super Bowl is over we must endure 5 professional football-less months… might have to ask people from Winnipeg for tips on coping, I mean they’ve lasted years without anything remotely resembling professional football.

-       Say what you want about the bush league CFL, we may have struggled in the past to actually pay players their wages but we have always paid the power bill during the championship game.

-       Evidently the Superdome was not ready for that jelly.

-       I’m still convinced the power outage was intentionally orchestrated by the NFL in an attempt to salvage ratings that were plummeting with every Raven TD.

-       The Esks made the big splash of the week by trading for Mike Reilly and working out a contract extension. Using the mathematical principle of extrapolation, given how much the Esks had to give up to get Steven Jyles, Reilly’s bargain basement trade cost must mean he’s awful

-       Wally Buono wins this offseason. First he gets a 3rd round pick and player for a guy he was going to cut anyway, then gets a 2nd round pick and an upgraded pick for a guy who was going to leave via free agency. I wonder if he manages to haggle money out his neighbours for his garbage too.

-       So with Reilly being essentially appointed the #1 QB in EDM it reinforces the point that Jarious Jackson was Wally’s worst QB recruit… sadly he has the most Grey Cup rings of the bunch.

-       My concern is growing over our inability to re-sign at least one of McKenzie, Russ and Brackenridge… though if this newly signed Skinner fellow pans out then we really need to go out and recruit a DB named Chalmers to pair him with… bonus points if Chalmers is willing to legally change his first name to Super Nintendo.

-       In more positive news, Jordan Sisco seems to think he should test the free agent market to see his value. I suspect he will find that whatever we are paying far exceeds his market value.

-       I bet we are all eagerly awaiting CFL Free Agent Frenzy on the 15th… the nation will hold its breath as we wait to see where Dylan Steenbergen will end up. For any major sporting networks out there I am available and willing to host an all day special. Honestly it can’t be much worse than some of the NHL ones.

lNFL Watch
DL Chris McKoy – Signed with Philadelphia

CFL Ins and Outs

In: LB Aaron Crawford, LB Brian Peters, DB Terrell Skinner (free agent signing)

In: WR Shawn Gore (contract extension)
The rage that Gore inspires within me will never dissipate… we consciously chose Jordan freaking Sisco over this guy who just happens to be one of the best Cdn Wrs in the league. You can’t even drink that decision pretty… believe me I’ve tried.

Out: DL Lee Robinson, DB Rod Williams (released)
These releases were likely tied to both guys pursuing NFL interests

Out: QB Adrian McPherson, KR Trent Guy, WR Brian Bratton (released)
Still calling it… McPherson will call it a career before Calvillo

Out: OL Jordan Taormina

In: KR Larry Taylor (contract extension), DB Adam Berger (free agent signing)
Out: WR Romby Bryant, DL Ken Pettway (released), Jonathan St-Pierre (retired)

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