Monday, February 11, 2013

CFL Free Agency Frenzy

It’s a day that is about as anticipated and dramatic as grocery shopping. CFL free agency opens Friday. I’m actually curious if the NHL lockout had stretched on any longer if TSN would have considered an all day special to fill air time. Can you imagine?

“We are 5 hours into this and the Cory Huklack watch is still… well non-existent but we paid a hobo in timbits to stake out his condo is case anything happens. So far he has just been yelling incoherently at pigeons but we will keep you posted.”

I am predicting the Rider to do a whole lot of nothing in terms of big moves… mainly because we don’t have the cap space to make big bids on the marquee players. Between our big moves on the OL last year and the huge $$$ we have tied up in receivers there just isn’t a lot left over for a big FA splash.

Anywho in anticipation of all the action let’s take a look a potential Rider free agents and the most notable other ones from across the league.

Tyron Brackenridge – This one concerns me a lot. General vibe I have picked up is that the Riders offered him a lowball offer and are not really interested in upping the offer. That’s a mistake. This guy has been solid since the day he walked in the door during that dreadful 2011 season. He plays a very difficult position and there isn’t any logical replacements just sitting around. We will regret letting this guy get away.
Odell Willis – He is still chasing non-existent NFL aspirations and when he eventually clues into that fact he will be open to the highest bidder. That said I don’t think there will be many bidders for a high maintenance player coming off his worst season statistically. Decent odds he’s back. I don’t mind having him in the mix but he is far from indispensable

Shomari Williams what do you do with this guy? Short of converting him to safety we’ve tried pretty much everything. I don’t mind him as a rotation/depth guy but if his contracts demands are high I’d have no problem walking away.

Jordan Sisco Continuing the trend of disappointing draft picks… it will not surprise you to know that I could care less if Sisco ever signs back here. We idiotically blew a high draft pick on him and every time our depth get’s so injury depleted that he’s our best option by default he goes and gets injured. I don’t know what drugs he’s smoking but he seems to think it’s in his best interest to test his value on the open market… well Jordan, prepare to be underwhelmed. Walmart may have the most lucrative offer

Cory Huclack He long snaps on punts… it’s an important skill but one I think is replaceable.

Chris McKenzie You hate to lose a veteran HB as this is a tough, tough position to play. I like McKenzie but something tells me if he was in our plans he’d have a deal inked. Hamilton needs big help in the secondary maybe he re-unites with James Patrick.

Alex Krausnick-Groh I always kinda liked Groh. He’s a good depth OL guy who can play centre and long snap. The fact that he lost his snapping duties to Alford last season though is telling to me. My guess is he goes back home to Calgary where he went to university.

Other notable FAs (note there are not many because it’s a pretty weak year for FAs)

Chad Kackert – Toronto finally found an RB who is smart enough to block for Ray, talented enough to catch and can run on top of it. Kackert will re-sign this is all just gamesmanship to up his price.

Jeff Perrett – Hard to believe Montreal is letting this guy get to the open market. He’s a great starting Canadian tackle… gentlemen start your bidding.

Brandon Whitaker – In most other years this would be huge news but he’s coming off injury and few teams are actually in the market for an RB. Montreal and Toronto seem like his only options and in either case he’ll be competing for a starting spot… which seems crazy given how great he was just a season or so ago.

Ricky Foley – He’s Canadian and a starter, there will be interest. If it’s anything like last time he went to free agency he will verbally commit to one team and talk about how much he loves the fans/city and then fly to a different city and sign there

Bryant Turner – In a lean free agent year he’s one of the better option on DL. Winnipeg would be wise to keep him… but that of course means Joe Mack will deem him dispensable and just assume he can recruit someone else.

Evan McCullough – If we are letting McKenzie walk this is a guy I would want to take a look at. He’s a pretty solid HB. Doubt we do but I like him.

Solomon Elimimian – If we had money I’d love to bring him in as our MLB… but we don’t so he will either sign with the Cleveland Browns or BC Lions… as enticing as the NFL might be it would be hard to willingly sign in Cleveland.

That’s it for now… follow me on Twitter @RiderProphet for up to the minute coverage of the 3.5 signings that will actually occur on Friday.


Brent said...

Hucklack is locked up as per today.

I was really looking forward to the hobo on the Hucklack watch, too. Really inconsiderate of the team, I think.

Brent said...

And naturally I didn't spell his name correctly either. Whoops!

Rider Prophet said...

I know there goes half my material for Friday... and now that hobo will get nothing. Won't someone think of the hobo?

Amazing Grace said...

I'm just reading this after the fact... insightful and good predictions, you nailed it!

cheap gw2 gold said...

And naturally I didn't spell his name correctly either. Whoops!