Friday, November 11, 2011

Who To Cheer For

The past few years the Riders have been in the playoffs right to the bitter end so I haven't really had to think about cheering for a non-Rider team in the playoffs in a long time. Now it's generally blasphemy to cheer for a team other than your own in an 8 team league but it just so happens that blasphemy in my specialty. I need to do something to keep things interesting (other than gambling on the games of course). But once I started to think  about it the task of choosing a team to cheer for became extremely difficult. I am a very biased man filled with hatred for various things so picking somehting I like (or a t least hate the least) is tough. So I'll have to do this by process of elimination.

I'll start off with an easy one a scratch the Stamps off the list. I hate them to the core. While it would bring me satisfaction to see Henry watch from the bench as a better QB wins it all, I just can't bring myself to cheer for them. F#@& the Stamps!

I'll also scracth Montreal off the list. I have nothing in particular against them and think that Whitaker and Richardson are among the best in the league (and that old QB of theirs ain't bar either) but I'm tired of them winning and need some variety. Le boo to the Als I say.

Normally I would be jumping on the Hamilton bandwagon but a) that bandwagon is headed for disappointment again and b) it would be a crime against all that is good in football for Marcel Bellfeuille to lead a team to a championship. For the good of the game, boo Hamilton.

By default I guess that means I'm backing the Bombers out of the East. Not particularly happy with that but its the lesser of 3 evils. I will cheer only for their defense though since I can't live in a world where Buck Pierce leads a team to the Cup.

That narrows it to a choice between the Esks and Lions in the West. I like watching BC play but I can't bring myself to cheer for Buono so I guess once again by default I'm left with the Esks.

So congratulations Bombers and Esks by virtue of me hating you the least you have earned my support. Based on the cataclysmic fall of the Riders, Vikings (and pretty much any team I cheer for) though, I would caution you that my support not be something you really want.


Anonymous said...

I live in Winnipeg and I am a Rider fan to the core, I feel the same way although I would have cheered for Montreal over Winnipeg, so because I hate Hamilton so much I have to cheer for the Blue and Gold, a pretty tough pill to swallow having to listen to all the bandwagon fair whether fans in Winnipeg.

Out of the West can't cheer for a team with a GM that has a chia pet hairdo and likes to fondle 16 year olds, CANNOT cheer for the Stamps just plain hate them, so I guess I am forced to cheer for the Lions (puke).

Overall though go Bombers (ouch)! If the Lions won at least I could have some fun with Bomber fans. A prediction the Bombers will win the East but Buck will break a toe nail and not be able to play in the Cup that way when the Lions destroy the Bombers in the Cup I can listen to all the Bomber fans say…"We would have won if Buck played"…yeah right, sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

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