Saturday, November 26, 2011

And the Nominees Are…

The 5th Annual Rider Prophet Awards are just around the corner and that means its time for you the readers to cast your vote for the Fan’s Choice Douche Bag of the Year. Voting will be open for one week after which this award, along with all the other Rider Prophet awards will be presented.

Your 2011 nominees:

Johnny Sears – For attempting to kill Stephen Jyles.

Dwight Anderson – The reigning douche bag of the year is back to try and defend his title. This year he is nominated for gouging Weston Dressler’s eye and then proceeding to get himself essentially kicked off the Als and not allowed on the premises.

Henry Burris – For a laundry list of items including but not limited to inadvertently sending a super inappropriate tweet and then claiming his account was hacked, the fist pump quote he was already awarded for and for taking his year end benching in stride and only mentioning that he is the reigning MOP twice per interview thereafter and making it clear that he won’t play anywhere that won’t automatically appoint him and his dwindling talent as the unquestioned starter.

The Trifecta of Terror (Hopson/Miller/Taman) – We need to blame someone for this train wreck of a season and based on our convoluted reporting structure I couldn’t single anyone out. 

If you have someone else you feel excelled in the field of douche-baggery  please vote for other and leave a comment with your nominee.


uncle_jim said...

Ok for me the highlight of the 99th Grey Cup (so far) is the fist fight between 73 year old Angela Mosca and 73 year old Joe Kapp at a Cup luncheon today. The old boys were still ticked off by something from the 1963 Grey Cup.

I love the CFL!

Rider Prophet said...

I heard that. Only in the CFL would something that awesome happen.

Rider Prophet said...

To be fair Mosca swinging his cane like he was trying to hit a homerun was what really set things off. But yes Kapp was kinda a prick.

Anonymous said...

To be fair MoscaD3 Gold swinging his cane like he was trying to hit a homerun was what really set things off. But yes Kapp was kindaCheap GW2 Gold a prick.