Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Sentimonies: Random Thoughts

The sorry excuse for a football game we were forced to endure has been analyzed to death. We sucked, BC didn’t and it resulted in us kicking our ass. I won’t go into great detail about it but here are some random thoughts I had.

-          Hard to blame the defense on this one, I mean sue their inability to stop the Lions led to longer drives than most people’s morning commutes but they held the Lions to 6 points in the first quarter despite being on the field for pretty much the whole time. It wasn’t their fault the offense couldn’t do anything.

-          Not sure why Parenteau felt the need the try and toss his snap attempt into the Western Pizza Party Zone. If someone was ever in need of a centre that didn’t need to snap, Parenteau would be the ideal candidate. Unfortunately here in the real world, snapping is a key part of the centre’s job and one Parenteau continually struggles with.

-          Durant should just know better than to attempt a pass on Ryan Phillips. For whatever reason, Phillips has his number and always, always picks him off. That said Dallas Baker need s to some back to that ball, Durant’s passes don’t have enough zip to just sit there and wait for those long outs.

-          This has by far been the worst year ever for half time shows. Must have blown the budget/all the good ideas last year. At the rate they are currently going the last home game will feature some random guy sitting in a folding chair a centre field doing his taxes.

-          Bring back mascot soccer!

-          Barring that I want hobo fight.

-          If I was BC I wouldn’t have conceded that safety. I would have flipped off the Riders and punted... not like we were going to punch in a major.

-          I’ve seen better runs in my underwear than the Riders have mustered lately.

-          Efrem the Rabbit of Subpar intelligence needs to be in the slot and needs see the ball more in the absence of Fantuz... plain and simple the guy makes catches. Plus I need some rationale for upgrading him to just plain “Rabbit”

-          At least Korey Banks bouncing off the uprights rewarded those of us brave enough to stay for the whole game with some entertainment.

-          I hate Ryan Dinwiddie but even I was calling for him way earlier than he got in. I was just hoping he’d get sacked or throw a pick or something.

Message to the Riders... dig up stupid!


CK said...

I don't know what the halftime show was...but when the Riders played at Empire Field in August, the halftime show was mascots playing musical chairs. If the chairs had been spread around the field, it might have been interesting, but they were in a tight circle close to the west bleachers. It was dumb.

My breakdown of the game:
- Defense was okay to start the game, but still...a 7 minute opening drive? Ugh...
- receivers need to make receptions.
- Parenteau needs to realize that DD isn't 8' tall
- We need a kicker who can hit FGs from beyond the 35
- Too many dumb penalties, including Graham getting ejected in the first half of the game

I don't even want to think about that game anymore. It's a tough week to live in Vancouver...

Anonymous said...

Not much to say about this one…Riders are done for this year, can't see them winning very much the rest of the way. What a fall from grace, I mean you should be competitive in your own park which the Riders have not this year. For next year a new GM and coaching staff would be nice.

I agree on Hill should be a slotback, Durant doesn't seem to be competing on a consistent level this year he's not as good as he thinks he is but this game wasn't his fault. The defensive backs still play way to soft, those second down conversions for the Lions looked way to easy. I also think there is a lack of discipline was to many stupid penalties, bottom line is any team that houses Simpson, Goodspeed and Dinwiddie has never won very much. I think there is a BIG chemistry problem on the team.

On a lighter note, can you believe that the Bombers signed Michael Bishop, should be good for a couple of laughs.

Govind said...

Yes the Michael Bishop signing just gave Prophet some material to close out the year.

I also saw the mascot musical chairs thing in Vancouver. I swear one guy was just a fan who snuck in cause he had a costume on. He didn't have any advertising. Looked like a guy who decided to come to the game in a tin foil box

uncle_jim said...

The Riders won the toss at the start of the BC game - Miller deferred to the 2nd half. So our Defense started the game for us and dealt with a 7 1/2 minute drive by the BC Offense before they gave up the ball. Durant & Co. came on the field for a 34 second 'two and out' and the D was right back on the field. WTF? Miller always defers when we win the toss? Does it not seem like a good idea, sir, that when we get a chance to START the game maybe we should.
I've been going to Rider games since 1958. I'm NO kid. I have rarely been more frustrated than I am now.
What the hell is Durant doing? What the hell is Miller doing? (by the way, ticket prices are slated to be increased for 2012). Timing just might be off a smidge.

Rider Prophet said...

The slumping onfield performance will be offset by the upcoming 2013 Grey Cup here than provide able excuse to for further ticket gouging.

Anonymous said...

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