Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I’m Back

Did you miss me? Probably not… that’s okay it only hurts me on a deep emotional level.

Well after 4 days of the best fishing of my life in picturesque northern Saskatchewan its sadly back to civilization and cruel reality. The cruel reality that I can no longer spend my days effortlessly catching fish after fish. The cruel reality that I have to go back to work. And the cruel reality that the Riders lost yet again.

I haven’t actually watched a replay the game yet and still haven’t decided whether I will or not. The gist I get from those who went is that this was an improved effort by the Riders but the same problems plagued them and led to another loss. Our new look receiving group is having troubles catching the ball and our defense couldn’t stop a child in a schoolyard game of red rover (I‘m not even talking a fat kid just a normal one), let alone the most prolific QB in league history.

Assuming we can stay healthy (please, please, please, please) I think our offense is close to clicking so I’m still not overly worried there. They need to be better but I’m confident they will. Defense on the other hand is scarier than Prophet in the morning without his coffee. I realize than anyone coming after Etcheverry would look to have non-aggressive D by compassion but it’s a tough transition to go from a “pressure at all costs” mentality to “couldn’t buy pressure even if they passed around a collection plate at halftime and the stuff was on sale“ mentality. I mean sure Hawkins is out but other than that we have our starting front 7. So apparently our strategy going into the season was assume Hawkins would be a superstar and carry everyone else??  Yeah that sounds like a good strategy.

It will be interesting to see how the team responds this weekend when they face off with a team that is as desperate to show they are better than their record as we are.


Anonymous said...

It's gonna be a July to forget, Riders will be 0-5 by the end of it, Marshall is a bozzo and Hall's defense looks really bad, too bad. I thought the Riders were on the right track then the GM had to play a little grab ass with his baby sitter, hence you are stuck with a poor GM who can't recruit players. Rider will have to rebuild again. Giving up 40 points a game is a recipe for loss after loss.

Rider Prophet said...

Well if we don't beat Hamilton, next up are Montreal and Calgary so it certainly doesn't get any easier.

Good news is Bellefool and disgruntled Arland Bruce are up next so we will be able to avoid 0-5