Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Tuesday Afternoon Edition

My apologies for not posting anything yesterday, I did have plans on posting something but then again I also have plans on exercising more, scaling back my drinking and making more money and those haven’t exactly translated into action yet either.

Please accept my apologies as this is a super busy couple weeks for me and posting will likely be brief and somewhat sparse until the end of the month.  I have 3 major things all converging at the same time. The big one is that I’m getting married at the end of the month. For some reason, the future Mrs. Prophet doesn’t seem to think “I need to type up some irreverent commentary for my free internet blog” is an acceptable excuse to get out of wedding planning, nor is the florist willing to accept payment in the form of Rider Prophet merchandise. In addition we are currently doing some home renos.

On top of that, I am currently doing some work on the upcoming 2011 launch for Fantas-Eh Football. For those of you who don’t know about Fantas-Eh yet, it is the first and only Canadian Fantasy Football site and you should definitely check it out. They have enlisted yours truly as their resident fantasy expert and we are hard at work developing the first ever Canadian fantasy draft package (it’s a lot of work converting all those statistics into metric!). Be sure to check out their official launch this weekend.

So unfortunately with all this going on, you, my faithful readers have dropped down my priority list. It’s nothing personal, but unless any of you are willing to help make bows out of ribbon, drywall my downstairs bathroom, or calculate how many meters Cory Boyd ran for last year, you’ll just have to accept your reduced importance. I assure you it’s only a temporary thing… with the exception of Man in the Bush whose importance has been permanently downgraded (and that one is personal).

In June, once all this has cleared up and training camp is up and going things will get back to normal as we ramp up for our 5th exciting season of football coverage here at Rider Prophet Media.


Ronbo the Riderfan said...

Congrats on the wedding. One of the biblical prophets says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing"
My sympathies on the reno. Having unusable space and rooms, a house full of dust, and more work than you can get done in a month has been known to induce suicidal thoughts.
As for the football blogging. Do what I did, I made a deal with my wife, "If you don't interfere with my CFL interest I won't get interested in anything else." You don't have to mention that you aren't interested in anything else anyway.

Mrs. Prophet said...

Thanks for the congrats Ronbo!
In my defense I would like to say a few things, being the fact I was out drinking a few too many jugs of rye on Monday and did not see the lovely Rider Prophet, his lack of punctuality is not my fault, but more the fault of the fact he actually had to work instead of blogging at work on Monday.
Also I fully support the CFL and could not tolerate sitting by the Prophet season after season if I did not. I tend to be half deaf after games. Win or lose. :)

Ronbo the Riderfan said...


The author of a book referenced on this blog has died. This is his Wikipedia biography link.