Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Update: Riders take a Leak

What a great week this has been! It started off with news that the US has finally found (and killed) Osama Bin Laden. Word is the CIA will now turn their attention to finding Nicole Brown-Simpson’s killer. It was also a good week because after endless mind numbingly silent weeks this week was actually fairly full of football news. Training camp is only a month away and teams are busy making final adjustments to their rosters and getting ready for the draft.

In Rider news, the team signed former Alouette QB Chris Leak. The jury is still out on Leak. He has all the college accolades and all the tools/potential… but when given the chance to start last year he looked as out of place and unsuccessful as the Coyotes do in Phoenix. That said I’m not about to write him off based on one showing. Let’s bring him to camp and see if he’s worth the hype or just another Todd Reesing. The one thing he has going for him that I like is that whole “not being Ryan Dinwiddie” thing.

The draft is only 2 days away and despite the general consensus that OL Scott Mitchell would be the #1 pick, the Bombers seemed poised to select LB Henoc Muamba instead. Now Muamba is a very talented player and would be a solid addition to the Bombers (though to be fair any Canadian would be an improvement to their piss poor non-import group) but the risk is that Muamba could do what Cory Greenwood did last year after the Argos used a high pick on him and bolt for the NFL (assuming those greedy bastards ever decide to play again). Unless the Bombers managed to do like the Riders did last year with Shomari and agreed to terms with him before making the pick official.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out...which is all the more reason to check out my 4th Annual Live Draft Day Blogging. What I lack in knowledge and analysis, I make up for in... well I can’t think of a way to finish that sentence that isn’t mostly lies.

The BC Lions have released ecstasy tycoon Yonus Davis. Evidently Buono didn’t believe that there were plenty of logical explanations for having 67 pounds of ecstasy any more than the cops did.

Speaking of released, the Esks released Jared Zebransky (because he really wasn’t very good) and Kamau Incompleterson (because to this day no one can figure out how a receiver as crappy as Kamau ever managed to become the league’s top Canadian). Many people thought that Tillman would work similar magic with the Esks that he worked with the Riders in ’07... the sheer number of people he has had to cut this offseason should be an indication that ET didn’t walk in to anywhere close to as good a situation in Edmonton as he did here.

The lesson here is never take a job where the primary duty is cleaning up the mess created by Danny Maccioccia

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