Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Round-Up

With the 2011 draft in the books the rest of this week teams were sifting through the scraps that remained undrafted non-import players looking for a diamond in the rough. The Riders grabbed LB Peter Thiel (a Regina boy) and DB Daryl Townsend. At this point, they are likely no more than training camp bodies that will end up getting cut beofre we get to know much about them. But then again the same was said of Joel Lipinski and Stu Foord and they managed to stick so you never know.

Speaking of grabbing undrafted players, as I predicted during the Live Draft Day Blogging, Eric Tillman did indeed end up signing QB Marc Mueller. Just like when ET drafted Teale Orban in 2008 because we "thought he had a legitimate chance". The fans loved it, the media went crazy, he made a token appearance to appease the crowd and was promptly dumped and never spoken of again. Expect a similar storyline for Mueller.

Odd fact about the CFL Draft. Of the 11 1st overall picks between 2000 and 2010, 6 have played for the Riders. 3 were drafted (Tyson St James, Scott Schultz, Shomari Williams) and 3 were either signed later or traded for (Alexander Gauthier, Steve Morley, Wayne Smith). And two of the remaining 5 picks who didn't play for the Riders went to university here in Saskatchewan  (Chris Bauman, Dylan Barker).

That's all i got for today. I'll see you on Monday, Have a good weekend... or don't (It's your choice and quite frankly I don't care)

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