Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Opining and Pontificating

I have nothing is particular to discuss today so I’ll just opine and pontificate on a number of thoughts that have popped into my head over the past few days

- With Kitwana and Omarr already having been ousted, the release of Chunky Adams means that Darian Durant and Sean Lucas are the lone remaining imports brought in under Roy Shivers. Shiv has only been gone 5 years but I guess it just goes to show you that that is a lifetime in professional football. 

- The contrast between the previous imports that Shiv had to jettison when he showed up and the ones that Taman now has to let go is like night and day though. I bet Shiv would have killed to be a position to cut guys like Chunky and Omarr in the early 2000s.
- Jim Hopson has been discussing the possibility of Regina putting a bid in for the 2013 Grey Cup. Personally I’m not sure it’s worth our time. BC and Toronto are up for the next 2 years. After that Winnipeg (and the new fancy new stadium they building) and Ottawa (whenever they get on the field) will definitely take priority over us. That means 2015 would be the soonest we could reasonably expect another cup. And by then Hamilton will have a renovated stadium they want to show off so it’s not like it’s a sure thing even then.

- Traditionally there are 2 things that the League has given priority for hosting Grey Cups based on. 1) As a reward for building a new stadium or renovating an existing which is a positive for the league (i.e. BC this year) or 2) To help bail out a cash strapped team (i.e. both times Regina got to host the event). Since we are about the farthest thing from cash strapped and have yet do anything with our aging facility we will have to accept our fate as being low on the priority list for Grey Cups… of course if this could all change rather quickly if we ever got around to making a decision on a new stadium. 

- The Eskimos have signed Jamie “The Juggernaut” Boreham. I swear Eric Tillman only has one plan that he applies to whatever team he happens to be running. The key steps include forcing the star QB to take a big pay cut; systematically cutting any import who is over 30 and not working for league minimum; commit to starting a Canadian at corner and acquiring Donovan Alexander and Joel Lipinksi to handle the job; bring in Kavis Reed, Adarius Bowman and Jamie Boreham; and piss off Mo Lloyd for good measure.

- The opening of training camp in June seems a lifetime away.

- At the rate the weather is going this year, the Riders had better plan for snow during training camp.


Skid said...

I am unused to this semi-timely blogging by you....I actually had something to read this morning!!!

Good work

skid said...

Also there are not as many gramatical errors in this post.... did you finally get a proof reader?? Although I might have overlooked them as I am so used to reading them in your blog!

Rider Prophet said...

I assume they are still there. Your eyes have just adapted to them over time.

Wilma said...

..."and piss of Mo Lloyd for good measure" HAHAHAHA!

Thank you for my morning laugh.