Thursday, April 14, 2011

Actual Sentimonies

My apologies for my complete and utter lack of effort on Monday. The good news for you is that there has been some actual news over the past few days.

The biggest is the news from Mayor Fiacco that an announcement will becoming in the next few weeks regarding a stadium. My guess is that it will be something along the lines of a new stadium at the rail yards (no roof) in conjunction with a complete redevelopment of the current Taylor Field land into a new residential neighbourhood.  There is a chance we might be able to squeeze some cash out of the federal government out of the deal.

Now I can hear you saying "I thought the feds said no money for us". Well that's partly true. What they said was no money for stadiums. but they might fund "urban redevelopment". In politics its all word-smithing these days. For example, the government would never fund a program to give guns to rednecks to shoot cats but they would if it were re-packaged as as providing employment opportunity to a socially disadvantaged group that recycles surplus military equipment, helps clean our inner city streets of vermin and provides supplies to help boost the Asian food industry.

Either way it should be a positive move for the city both in terms of football and in terms of large scale urban redevelopment.

CFL Ins and Outs

In: LB TJ Hill (contract extension)
Out: RB Brad Lester (cut)

In: WR Timohy Brown, WR Bobby Guillory, WR Damian Sherman (free agent signing)


Ronbo the Riderfan said...

I appreciate that you keep politics out of your posts. This way no one gets angry.

Craig said...

Yep, I've always said the main goal of Prophet's posts is to not offend anyone...

Rider Prophet said...

So I've found plenty of things to offend people over without bringing politics into it.