Monday, December 6, 2010

Official 2010 Prophecies Revisited

The 2010 season has come to a close so let’s take our annual look back at how accurate my pre-season prophecies were. As usual I will use a scoring system that is completely arbitrary and only loosely based in anything factual.

Our offense will be powerful under Miller and Berry
Our passing attack will be downright scary.
Fantuz, Dressler and Bagg, that’s tough to defend
Oh and don’t forget Getzlaf and Prechae my friend
Top passing attack…Other than the fact that I’d prefer to forget Prechae... 1 point

As for how well I think we will run the ball,
If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all
Our run game was an afterthought… 1 point.

Cates will block well and catch the odd pass
But the 1000 yd mark he will not surpass
He did block well and did catch the odd pass. As for the 100 yd thing, honestly who saw that coming?… 0.5 points

Through the air is where our games will be won
Durant’s reign as an all-star is far from done
Our games we’re won through the air, but Durant failed to repeat his all-star status… 0.5 points.

Andy will stay healthy and many TDs record
On his way to a deserved Top Canadian award.
He finally played a full 18 and was not only the Top Canadian but also the top receiver in the league… 1 point.

On defense there is worry that pressure we will lack
With no Baggs or Chick how will we get a sack?
While our sack totals will likely not match last year’s pace
Mullinder and Hawkins will still get in the QB’s face
Sack totals were down but Hawkins and Mullinder weren’t exactly all-stars… 0.5 points.

Etch will get pressure no matter what he has to do
With schemes that might make you think he’s been sniffing glue
I think we can all agree on the 2nd line… 1 point.

A veteran LB in the middle should help stop the run
With Tad and Sean flying around, to watch will be fun
Well it looked good in theory, but our run defense was far from fun to watch… 0 points.

Our secondary will remain strong despite losing Eddie
Omarr and Lance will keep this unit steady
The unit was fairly steady, though that was at times in spite of Omarr… 0.5 points

And watch for Patrick this year to breakout
Best safety in the West, without a doubt.
Nailed it! Not only the best in the West but easily the best in the league… 1 point

We will start the season strong, like men on a mission
Getting an early leg up on the competition
Started 3-0… 1 point

We will be well on our way in our Grey Cup pursuit
And fans will start planning the parade route
Pretty sure that did happen… 1 point.

But it won’t last forever and we will start to struggle
I wish something rhymed here better than juggle
Struggles came late in the season but they were mighty… 1 point.

Come Labour Day we will be in a tight race for first
With a couple key injuries that need to be nursed.
We still had a shot at 1st at Labour Day, though there weren’t many key injuries… 0.5 points

For the Bombers, Stephen Jyles into action will be thrust
Because Buck Pierce will have already been concussed.
Replace “concussed” with “dislocated elbow” and I’m bang on… 1 point

Jyles will struggle, shocking as that may seem
In the 2 game series we will reign supreme
Swing and a miss, we won the first but were thoroughly embarrassed in the rematch… 0 points.

Other than a couple bumps we will play great down the stretch
Our D will be firing on all cylinders under the guidance of Etch
Strike 2. We played like ass down the stretch and our D was far from firing on all cylinders… 0 points

Our late season momentum we will maintain
A 12-6 record, first place yet again!!
I’m trying to find a way to award myself partial points here but am coming up blank… 0 points.

West Final at Mosaic for the second year in a row
Against Richie Hall and the Esks in the prairie snow
The only part of that statement that was correct was that a playoff game did take place at Mosaic in the prairie snow… 0 points.

We will fall behind early and things will look bleak
But pull even late on a QB sneak
Then just as time seems to be running out
Fantuz will win the game on a nice corner route.
If you replace Fantuz with Clermont and corner route with slant its pretty close… 0.5 points.

Then a convoy of green will be headed west
For a 2nd chance to prove that we are the best
Correct… 1 point

This time around there will be no mistake
In a sip from Lord Grey’s mug will the Riders partake.
Grey Cup Champs in 2010
There will be much rejoicing across the prairies again
Well that last one was unfortunately just plain wrong… 0 points

So you’ll hear me exclaim as I dash into the night
Go Riders Go, Let’s hope I’m more than 67% right.
Admittedly my average took a hit this year as even with the very questionable arbitrary half points I awarded myself I sill fell short of my standard 67%... 0 points

So this year I managed 12 points out of a possible 22 for a 55% accuracy rate. I’d offer up some sort or explanation or apology but let’s be honest… if you still expect accuracy out of my after all these years, you are obviously very delusional.


CK said...

12 for 22 with a couple of INT's. Just like Darian... :-)

Ronbo the Riderfan said...

I think 55% is pretty impressive. You weren't picking a yes/no option, you were forecasting from the cast of 50 or so players and possible outcomes. The chances are a lot slimmer than 50/50 to get it right.

55% is damn good.

Anonymous said...

Not very prophetic, seems that the melonheads in Sask know alot about beer drinking and cross dressing, not much about football!!!

Go Bombers

Rider Prophet said...

CK, Ronbo - I like your guys' thinking

Anon - Given that you cheer for the worst football team in the league, I don't think you are qualified to comment on my football knowledge.

Call me when you guys make it back to the playoffs. That should give you 3-4 years to work on a comeback.

Ronbo the Riderfan said...

This is coming from a team which has no prophet at all - only 'homers'.

At least we can give him credit for having the gonads to openly support his team in spite of their embarrassing record.

Rider Prophet said...

True. It does take balls to openly admit to being a bomber fan.