Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Still Undefeated At Home... Barely

Riders 43 – Stamps 37

Well we wondered about the Riders would respond after an embarrassing defeat... and based on how the first series went it looked as though the pitchforks and torches might be soon broken out. Fortunately the first play was not indicative of how the rest of the game would go... well except for maybe the last play of regulation but I will get to that in a bit.

I was impressed with how well the team stepped up against the top team in the league. I mean sure seeing how well they can play did make the loses to Edmonton and Winnipeg that much more unbelievable but let’s focus on the positive for now. After looking like a bunch of wimpy 7 year olds for the past couple weeks I thought the O-line played well. They weren’t perfect but at least they managed to give Durant a bit of time. Speaking of Durant he sure looked like the all-star QB we had become accustom to. When he took a big hit on a run at the end of the first Q to fight for extra yards you knew he was tuned in for this game. He used his legs well and spread the ball around pretty well.

Do you see what happens when we make Fantuz the focal point of our offense?? The man is a monster! If we had been using him like that before we would likely have had a more productive offense. Also, and this should come as no surprise to anyone, Clermont still good for more than just selling condos. He made some clutch catches. Also though I find it a bit excessive for a team that only runs their RB 10 times a game to have a change of pace back, it seemed to work out pretty well. That was a nice cut by Charles and an even nicer back flip. I don`t know where this explosive offense has been for the past month or so but hopefully it is here to stay.

I have no idea what the refs were looking at on that long pass that Dressler almost caught on the defenders back but the fact that they were too blind to call pass interference on that is ridiculous. Apparently the rules have recently changed so that its okay for a defender not to turn and look at the ball or make any attempt to make a play on it. It’s apparently okay to just have your back to the ball the entire time and screen the intended receiver... or at least its okay for Stampeders to do that. Ridiculous!

Defense had another good game despite having to endure a number of injuries. We contained Joffrey Reynolds and didn`t allow Burris to use his legs which is the key to beating the Stamps` O. James Patrick is now leading the league in INTs as well as spectacular INTs that end up getting called back. Poor guy.

This brings us of course to the infamous ``punt``. There seems to be two schools of thought on the controversial decision to punt for the win rather than attempt a 35 yard FG. On one side there is our coaching staff who feel that it was the right decision. On the other side there is me and the rest of the sane world. Seriously that was a dumb decision plain and simple. I wonder how that conversation went on the sidelines. I can just imagine Coach Miller going to Congi, "Luca, the game is on the line. How`s the leg feeling?" "Great Coach!" "Excellent! Go run over and tell Eddie Johnson he`s punting for the win."

While I realize that Miller may know a bit more about football than me. I will give you 2 pieces of information that illustrate just how ridiculous his decision was. 1) Luca has not missed a FG attempt from inside 40 this year. *** EDIT: Apparently he missed one last week. I guess I have subconsciously removed that game from my memory.*** 2)Eddie Johnson`s punt have averaged 43.4 yards. Meaning that the majority of his punts fall well short of the distance he needed to seal the game. If you don`t have complete faith in your kicker to hit a FG from 35 yds then you`d better be looking for a new kicker. That is a huge slap in the face of Congi. And given that he`s Italian that is likely to end up with a mob hit on you... or a horse head in your bed (if movies have taught me anything).

Fortunately the team was able to overcome the monumental gaff and win a thriller in OT. It was a great team effort against the top team in the league. We remain undefeated at home which is a good sign given that the Stamps have to come here one more time. The real test will be if we can sustain this type of performance on the road where we have struggled all year. For now though, hats off to the team on a great performance!


CK said...

I'm gonna partially agree with you. I was actually calling for them to punt for the win, rather than the FG. BUT, once the FG team went out, they should have stayed out rather than switching.

I wouldn't use the 43.4 yard punt average as an argument against the punt-single. Eddie has done a great job of taking some distance off of his punts in order to avoid the single, and get the coffin-corner kick. He could boot it 50+ yards everytime, but that's not always what you need your kicker to do.

If you look at his kicking average in the game when kicking with the wind he was kicking 50+ yarders. So it made sense to let him use the wind in the 4th and punch it through the endzone. But he just kicked it poorly. He should have been angling to put it out of bounds just inside the goalline. He didn't.

I agree that it's a bit of slap in the face to Luca, but only because he was on the field first. If they'd gone straight to the punt team I wouldn't have had a problem with it.

But, if your punter is just gonna kick it into the middle of the endzone, you might as well go for the FG. A miss by Luca from 40 yards isn't likely to go out the back of the endzone for a single - the punt through the side of the endzone would be a shorter kick.

It's unconventional football thinking - like Bellicheck going for it on 4th and 2. When it works, you're a genius. When it doesn't work, you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Congi missed a 33 yrd field goal the week earlier. 33 is inside 40... :)

Rider Prophet said...

I stand corrected. I guess the "official" stats I looked at were incorrect. I'm shocked of course.

Fact remains, they should have let Congi kick.

Anonymous said...

Rams did the same thing to win semi-finals against Dinos. They elected to let Ryan kick single to win. Fans were not bitching about McCrystal. Get over it. Rider fans may be the best but only they will bitch over a win.

Rider Prophet said...

I love how questioning one call the coach made and spending the rest of my post praising the effort and performance of the team means that I'm bitching over a win.

CK said...

You're not just a prophet, you're also the High Priest of Bitchin!!!

I don't know if the Anon. comment was directed at you, but it was most likely aimed at the plethora of people who have only been able to comment on "the Punt!" since the game. That includes Dave Hodge and his crew of "Reporters" and a lot of the rest of the media. Meh...

Man In The Bush said...

Lost in all of this punt talk was the great job done by Kye Stewart on d this week, mad props to him for stepping in and doing an awesome job, as for the punt who cares Riders won, its not like its Doug Berry's terrible play calling were talking about here