Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It may have taken one of the most embarrassing losses in some time to open their eyes but the Riders have finally realized what I and most sane people have known for sometime... Rodriguez and Dorsey are junk and don’t belong on our roster.

Rodriguez was cut and Dorsey was placed on the 9-game IR with “a finger and hamstring injury” at least that’s what their official reason is. But that’s only because mental retardation is not an acceptable reason for placing someone on the 9-game (which explains how Michael Bishop kept getting medically cleared to play). I probably would have just benched Rodriguez since part of his problem was Berry’s idiotic plan to have him run nothing but short routes. However, fact remains that he was lazy and a pussy. He won’t make any kind of effort for balls that don’t hit him directly in his palms (unlike Man in the Bush who goes out of his way to ensure balls... umm nevermind), he’s scared to get hit and he doesn’t block worth a crap so maybe its best at the end of the day to just part ways with him despite his obvious physical assets and replace him with someone who will actually play with 100% effort.

While we still have a lot of concerns that need addressing (such as our O-line and our offensive playcalling) this is at least a sign that the GM/coaches are taking action instead of being satisfied with the status quo.

Word is that we will be signing Ryan Grice-Mullen who is fresh off a failed attempt to crack the Miami Dolphins roster. You might remember him as the guy that Jamie Boreham turned into a human ferris wheel. He is extremely fast but has very questionable hands. Based on how things have been going I can only assume that Doug Berry will attempt to turn him into our new possession receiver.


Wilma said...

I'm trying to figure out why we would need another receiver. I can't fathom it. Use the amazing ones we have! Sweet jeebus, do I have to email Coach Miller AGAIN with my advice?

Rider Prophet said...

Grice-Mullen is only called a receiver because "fast guy with bad hands" isn't an official position.