Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I Don't Like Taman

10 – Personal Appearance

Maybe it’s petty but I expect the man in charge of one of this country’s premiere sports franchises to look like he just came from a boardroom instead of a soup kitchen.

9 – Head Coaches

Taman’s past choices for Head Coach were that loveable loser (emphasis on loser) Jim Daley and that ball of rage who tends to lose the locker room, Doug Berry. With Ken Miller set to retire in the near future, the though of Taman picking his successor is concerning.

8 – Step Back

I'm sure Taman would have looked awesome compared to Al Ford, but unfortunately for him he doesn't get to replace Ford. First we had a guy that was pretty good at recruiting little known Americans, but he ended up over paying them in the long run and didn't put any value in Canadians. Then we replaced him with a guy that could find the obscure Americans, loved his Canadian talent, and refused to overpay for anyone. Now we've got Taman. Can't scout, hates Canadians, and pays his vets so much that I think Winnipeg is still paying Stegall for another 4 or 5 years.

7 – Signing Rejects

Taman did admittedly recruit a few future stars but for every success he had there were a string of terrible recruits. Most of them tended to be aging veterans that other teams no longer wanted (Nate Davis, Andrew Greene, Dwan Epps, Tyrone Williams, Fred Perry, Matt O’Meara etc…)

6 – QBs

Kevin Glenn represents Taman’s only success when it comes to recruiting the most important position in football. He auditioned and endless parade of losers including Timmy Chang, Ryan Leaf, Ryan Dinwiddie, Brad Banks, Bryan Randall, and Spergeon Wynn. His inability to find a viable QB other than Glenn ended up costing him his one Grey Cup chance.

5 – Negotiation List

While most GMs fill their neg list with top young prospects from down south, Taman filled his with the likes of Brock Lesnar, Dante Culpepper, the guy who won the Wendy’s Kick For A Million and a horse that some guy is training to play offensive tackle.

4 – Scouting

Taman’s “scouting” consisted of scanning the CFL transaction list for players that other teams had cut and whatever he could get in return for a 1st round draft pick.

3 – Drafting

I’m not sure whether Taman has some sort of religious beliefs that prevent him from participating in the CFL draft but he seemed to avoid it like the plague. With Taman at the helm the Bombers made only 1 first and 2 second round picks in 5 years. Which placed them behind the defunct Ottawa Renegades in terms of number of early round picks.

2 – Canadians

With the exception of Doug Brown, Taman’s track record when it comes to Canadian talent is abysmal. Honestly I’m struggling to think of one other notable Canadian under Taman’s watch (with the exception of Brendan Labatte recently). He preferred filling his roster with 4th and 5th round draft picks and hoping his imports compensate for the crappy Canucks he was fielding.

1 – Track Record

In the end winning is all that matters. Problem is Taman doesn’t have a great track record in that department. In his 5 years as GM of the Bombers the team had only 1 winning season, missed the playoffs twice and were eliminated in the East Semi-final twice. Roy Shivers did better than that and we fired him, so I’m not sure why is Taman’s resume all of the sudden so attractive?


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Ronbo the Riderfan said...

We've been collectivly laughing at his dumb moves for years, now we have to wear them. How's that for reason number ten?

whoyadally said...

but he's from saskatchewan, so he has to be the right choice, right??

my major problem with Taman is that he recently has said that he has lost his passion for football. I suppose that working in Winnipeg could do that to a man, but still . . .

Rider Prophet said...

Not to change the subject here but I think its safe that this blog has reached a new level of notoriety... I mean the NFL Draft itself took time out its busy day to comment on it. I consider that to be a pretty huge feather in my cap.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled Taman-bashing.