Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Sentimonies: When Crisitunity Knocks

Unlike previous offseasons where by this point I would by into a steady string of filler posts than get steadily less and less football-related, December and January have been filled with Rider and CFL news at unprecedented rates. Much as I did with my pumpkin investments, I assumed this boom would never end and accordingly did no contingency planning whatsoever. So imagine my shock when I went to write this post and found absolutely nothing to write about… and record low prices for pumkins.

Now many would see this as a crisis, but as I’m sure you’re well aware the Chinese have the same word for crisis as opportunity… crisitunity. So I decided to seize this crisitunity by coming up with a creative new post for today…but then I realized how much work and effort that would involve and opted instead to just fall back on my standard lazy response to a slow news day…

Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts

- Greg Marshall is still the front runner to take over in Winnipeg. Though I have no idea how there can be this much clarity on the head coaching position when the President and VP of Football Operations remains up in the air.

- Scott Milanovich appears to be the front runner to be the next head coach in Toronto. I for one am shocked… not because Milanovich is a bad choice. Quite the opposite. Milanovich is a fantastic choice for the struggling Argos. This uncharacteristic display of logic and sound reasoning has me wondering if Eric Tillman has already secretly assumed power in TO… there’s no way Adam Rita is smart enough to make this kind of decision.

- Speaking of uncharacteristic… Wally Buono has given Martel Mallett permission to work out for the St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles even though Mallett’s option year isn’t until next year. I’m fairly suspicious as to his motives for doing this. Buono does things out of the goodness of his heart about as often as Nate Kaeding makes playoff FG attempts.

- Free Agency opens in just over a month. Already 2 very high profile players have declared their intentions to test the free agent market: Kerry Watkins and Ricky Foley. While I would welcome the chance to add either to our team, I don’t expect us to be in the running for them or any other big name free agents for that matter. The Riders aren’t likely to offer big money to any free agent and historically don’t go after other teams players… and those odd times we do, we just end up trading the guy back to where he came from anyway.

- I was glad to see my Vikings embarrass the “Man In the Bush-endorsed” Cowboys. Given that the Man In the Bush endorsement also proved to be the kiss of death for the Cardinals and Ravens, he is under strict instructions to endorse the Saints in the conference championships.

- Did you the hit that Kurt Warner took on that interception return against the Saints?! Gotta love a sport where delivering a bone jarring hit to a borderline senior citizen is not only allowed but greatly encouraged.

- Are you still reading? Or can I stop here?

- Still reading hey? … ummm …. Uhhh… Woozle Wuzzle

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Anonymous said...

Hello great, mighty and wise prophet ... Can thou telleth me why you have such dismay for Tahman?

man in the rider congregation