Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eric Tillman Charged With Sexual Assault

I just heard the news and by now I'm sure you have too… Rider GM Eric Tillman has been charged with sexually assaulting a 16 year old girl back in August. Wow! This is not good at all!

I had heard rumours of something big happening this week but this is not what I was expecting.

To be honest I’m still in complete shock and don’t really know how to respond. On one hand this is just the kind of juicy story that this blog thrives on and if this were any other team’s GM I would be all over it. But on the other hand Eric Tillman has almost reached the status of demi-god here in Saskatchewan and I had borderline man-crush on the guy (one I guess I should approach with caution given this news). I’m so torn.

So I’ve decided to let you the fans (all seven and a half of you) decide how the Rider Prophet will handle the scandal that has rocked Rider Nation. Please vote in the poll above.

I will have more on this terrible story as it becomes available.


Luke said...

Personally, I want nothing to do with this - it's bad business no matter which way it goes.

The outcomes as I see them:
1) He did it, and is a scumbag. Her life is probably ruined.

2) He didn't do it/she made it up. Her life is probably still ruined. His is probably ruined too, at least in this town. Even if the accusation is false it's tough to bounce back from - just ask Fatty Arbuckle.

3) He did do it, but gets off. To be fair, we'd never know - but I'd hope Karma would run its course.

In any case, it's a sad state of affairs.

However, and not to be cold-hearted about this... how do you think this might affect the current group of free agents and their willingness to sign? Despite all this, there is still a team to run.

Luke said...

In my quest to shatter the record of most comments left by one person during a single day, the story is already on ProFootballTalk.com:


Rider Prophet said...

Your dedication to exponentially increasing the volume of my comments is appreciated.

As for free agents, it's hard to say. For the most part I think potential free agents have made up there mind but there may be one or 2 on the fence who this sways the decision for. But overall I think anyone who is going to leave via free agency had made there mind up before today.

Anonymous said...

If he's guilty his Canadian career is over but he'll fit in nicely in the NFL.

I agree that nothing good can come of this. He seemed to be denying any wrongdoing in his own press conference.

reed's black said...

only one thing comes to mind at this time "E. T. Phone laywer!"

Anonymous said...

This can't be good in any light. Whether something happened or not I think his career is over, and life will be difficult for him here on in. His reaction is: Tillman said he wanted to say more, "but out of respect to the individuals that are involved, many of whom I have profound respect for, I'll simply say that I've told the truth, [and] the process will unfold."

His reaction should have been totally pissed off, that someone is taking a shot at him. The fact that they have charged him, must mean they have a lot of evidence to support a case. How can he have a respect for someone who has taken a shot at him. Obviously this is someone close to the family and the garbage has hit the fan fully blown to bits.

I hope Eric can manage through this, and hope this has no merit, but somehow, it doesn't look good right now.

CK said...

Innocent until proven guilty. Charges are proof of some evidence, but they are not proof of guilt.

Anonymous said...

When the whole story comes out, those who condemn him prematurely will feel bad.
Trust the process.
They don't call him Opie for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I was told a rumor / story today, if it really is as simple and innocent as the story I was told, don’t badmouth the guy, you will feel bad for letting your mind go where it should not.
Because it was a rumor I will leave it as such, but remember, most rumors start with some basis of truth, it should end well if this is indeed the case.

Green Regina resident.

Anonymous said...

I heard today on the radio that it is a possibility that it is a babysitter who is the victim. And I also heard that the family and the girl did not want to press charges. My first thought was that it was some girl who was close to the family hence the quote: but out of respect to the individuals that are involved, many of whom I have profound respect for, I'll simply say that I've told the truth, [and] the process will unfold.

What is wrong with our justice system. The police and prosecutor in Regina is ruining this guys reputation for what. Don't they feel like they have enough Rapists, gangsters, drug dealers, thieves, fraudsters, crooked cops, and other things that they could use some of their time busting the real criminals in this world. Do you not have enough power and respect to charge the people who need to be charged and not the innocent.

This kind of "sexual assault" doesnt need to be part of everyone's else business. This should be a closed door discussion between the police and two family's involved. I am absolutely disgusted with our legal system, the Regina police must be hard up for arrests: This makes me sick to my stomach. I bet there is a handful of police right now on the take, and instead you are taking a decent, family oriented man, hard working individual and ruining his life for what? Shame on you Prosecutor.

Even if there was a slight moment of indiscreation, an inappropriate hug, or something out of character do you really think that charging him makes any sense. To me it makes you Prosecutor, look like a desparate fool. Whats wrong with a system that cant deal with this behind closed doors.

DROP THE CHARGES and let Eric Tillman get back to supporting his family. To me, this makes sense. The more time that goes by, the longer he is away from his job. Don't throw away his career and life.

reed's black said...

after watching the entire press conf. inclueding aaron fox his laywer speaking it sounds to be that many things could change and be resolved before feb. 24 the court date for ET. Also in the press conf. it was brought to light that ET had injered his back and was on pain killers that hit him harder that expected and during a meeting with hodges and others had to get a driver to take him home that night because he was looped.

clearly the family had accepted the appology the tillman had given the family and the girl involved and decided to not press charges any longer. i feel that it should be left at that, unfortunatly not all the facts are out yet and hopfully all works out