Monday, September 15, 2008

Man In The Bush: Banjo Bowl Report

Good news, Man In The Bush has surfaced and even managed to file his report. To be fair he filed it on Friday and I was just too lazy to post it until now but what can you do…

Hello all, Man In The Bush here, reporting a tad bit late on my weekend road trip to Winnipeg, and what a great trip it was. Riders win, Bombers lose, what more could you ask for. Now the Rider Prophet has been insisting all week for me to get this report done, so as opposed to doing a report, I will just send some observations about my weekend in Winnipeg:

1. Kudos to all Rider fans who made the trek. For a supposedly sold out game, quite a few Bomber fans thought Halloween came early and disguised themselves as empty seats, cause if not for the Rider fans the stands would have been maybe half full.

2. What kind of province has never heard of a schooner? Ridiculous!

3. Try to avoid eating McNuggets while driving on the highway. That’s all I’ll say.

4. The game in Winnipeg had about as much hype in the media as the last Vanilla Ice concert. In the malls, Rider fans outnumbered Bomber fans around 30-5, and in the local paper, page 4 of the sports is where the Banjo Bowl had its first mention.

5. Memo to Bomber fans for this year, please do not come up to my face and say I or the Riders suck when you are battling with Hamilton for worst in the league. You’re just embarrassing yourself, your province and your mom who is married to her cousin.

6. Looked around and saw no paper bags on anyone’s face, how shocking.

7. Memo 2 for this year, do not tell me that you should have won the Grey Cup last year, your team clearly has demonstrated this year that they would have a tough time beating most high school teams, much less any team from the west.

8. After the collapse, most Winnipeg fans were blaming Berry for the loss, in fact many fans made their own signs out of the tears they had just shed, saying such things as “Fire Berry”, “Get Rid Of Berry”, how fitting. But as you read this the Bombers have already pummeled the Argos, so unfortunately for Bomber fans, they will have to wait one more week for Berry to be fired.

And those are some of my observations from the Peg, this is your Man (lost) In the Bush.

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