Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Lord How I Miss Rider Football

Well what can I say about the East division games that hasn’t already been said about eating at Arbys… it was a difficult to stomach and left you feeling physically ill.

Last week’s action clearly justified me calling the East the retarded cousin of the West Division.

First there was Hamilton vs. Winnipeg, where Winnipeg was trying their hardest to suck just enough for Hamilton to win but Hamilton was doing their best to hand the game right back to the Bombers. Honestly, when your top offensive plays come from Tom Canada and Joe Lobendahn you can’t really brag about your offensive performance. As for Hamilton, it’s the same old story. Just when you think they’ve turned a corner and are becoming a half decent team, they slip back into their old ways of sucking. If you think our situation at receiver is troubling, just think it could be worse we could be Hamilton. At least it’s our 3rd and 4th stringers who are struggling, Hamilton’s “starting” receivers are the problem.

Then we move on to Montreal vs. Toronto where the only good news for Toronto is that at least 2 east teams make the playoffs and fortunately the other 2 teams competing with them for that 2nd spot are somehow worse than them (*note this is not a compliment to the Argos but rather a statement on the sad state of the other east teams). The Argos still have no offense and their defense seems to get worse each week. In an effort to jump start the offense, Stubler pulled Kerry Joseph at halftime and gave Bishop a shot. The plan would have worked had it not been for the fact that Bishop sucks and his receivers suck more. He went 1 for his first 9 with an INT fueled by no less than 4 drops by his hapless receivers. I guess Adam Rita should have read the warning label before he traded for Kerry Joseph. Had he done that he may have seen this in print:

Warning side effects of spending $350K on a QB may include a disgruntled back-up, lack of an offensive line that can block, terrible receivers, no run game and a head coach who is under qualified to coach even intramural football.

Finally there’s Montreal who are the CFL’s luckiest team because they have been handed 1st place in the East on a platter. Admittedly they are a talented team but given that all their wins are against the East and all their losses are against the West I’m not prepared to say that they are a top team in the CFL. Fortunately for the Als, even if they fail to defeat a West team they will still be a shoe in for 1st place (as sad as that is).

The good news is that bye week is now ever and we can get back to talking about legitimate teams. Riders resumed practicing over the weekend in preparation for Thursday’s showdown in Edmonton. Check back later for my thoughts on that game.

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