Thursday, December 13, 2007

Smarter than the Average Die Hard… Predictions Revisited

During training camp in June, I made a number of predictions regarding the upcoming season. To prove that I'm more than a prophet in name alone, I thought I would go back and see just how accurate my predictions were. My 16 predictions are listed below and I will mark them on the following scale: 1 point for being right, 0.5 for being close, and 0 for being wrong.

Our start will be shaky but we'll steadily improve
As Joseph and the receivers settle into a groove.

We started 2-2 and then proceeded to rattle off 5 wins... 1 point

Losing Morgan and Bush may be cause for despair,
But I have a feeling Rontarious will intercept his fair share
Unless you interpret "fair share" to mean 1 INT... 0 points.

Eddie Davis will bring a young secondary along,
And under the guidance of Richie the defense will grow strong.

Overall we struggled but had best run D in the league and we won the Grey Cup solely on the strength of our defense who played outstanding in the playoffs when it counts… 1 point

Our linebackers look solid with Stancil, Lloyd, Jones and Hunt
These 4 combined for 11 sacks, 4 INTs, 2 West All-Star spots and we were the best at stopping the run... 1 point

And what's this? Special teams? Luca learned how to punt!
He may have improved but he's no Juggernaut... 0 points

Watch for a breakout season from Andy Fantuz.
940 yds, 7 TDs, 3 time Canadian of the Week, 1 time Canadian of the month, Most Outstanding Canadian in the Grey Cup... 1 point

We shall start 5-5 and fans will be mad
We started 7-3, fans rather jovial... 0 points

As with every year, we will need to be patient
But have no fear, Austin's team won't be complacent
5 straight wins after losing 2, 5 more after losing 3, "everything is up for review" rant following ugly loss... 1 point

He will make adjustments and bench some big names
Benched Fantuz (Clovis and Justin too but they're not really big names)... 1 point

After years in the trenches with no recognition,
O'Day wins Lineman of the Year - unrivaled at his position.

Rider nominee for the award and the CFL All-Star Centre... 0.5 points

He'll be joined on the podium by sack leader Fred Perry,
Defensive Player of the Year, his pass rush was scary

His pass rush was scary but no award and no sack lead… 0 points

We're good for 2nd place at 11 and 7,
A home playoff game! The Rider Nation is in heaven
I was only 1 game from perfection... 1 point

The path through the playoffs looks much like '06
Same West-semi and west final... 1 point

Except the Stamps come to Mosaic - Henry still throws four picks.
Stamps turned the ball over 4 times in the game... it was a metaphor... 1 point

Yet again in the final the Lions we face
1 point

But as history dictates we will fail at BC Place.
Once again we'll be close but end with a tear.
We'll have a good run but have to wait one more year

I will gladly accept 0 points here

Total = 10.5 points out of a possible 16 for 66%

So ends my completely arbitrary breakdown of my pre-season predictions. I expected a solid season from the Riders, but I'm happy to say that the team by far exceeded my early expectations! That said though, 66% is a rather disappointing performance. Although I have to think Troy Westwood is a little jealous right now.

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