Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rider Predictions

This was my first entry in the mysask blog contest. It's the one that got me into the finals:

Twas the month before kickoff and all through the field
The Riders were training, refusing to yield.
The receivers were running their patterns with care
In hopes that the football would soon be there.
Gainer was nestled all snug in his hole
As Eric Tillman dreamt of the ultimate goal.
When all of a sudden, who comes this way?
Tis’ I, the Rider Prophet, hear what I have to say:

Our start will be shaky but we’ll steadily improve
As Joseph and the receivers settle into a groove.
Losing Morgan and Bush may be cause for despair,
But I have a feeling Rontarious will intercept his fair share.
Eddie Davis will bring a young secondary along,
And under the guidance of Richie the defense will grow strong.
Our linebackers look solid with Stancil, Lloyd, Jones and Hunt,
And what's this? Special teams? Luca learned how to punt!

Austin's battle cry will preach refusing to lose
Watch for a breakout season from Andy Fantuz.
We shall start 5-5 and fans will be mad -
"Bring back Danny Barrett, he wasn’t that bad!"
We should be playing the backup! The refs won't make a call!
And for the love of God, someone give Szarka the ball!"
As with every year, we will need to be patient
But have no fear, Austin’s team won't be complacent.

He will make adjustments and bench some big names
And low and behold we will start winning games.
Momentum will shift and we’ll go on a streak
The team will show promise when things once looked bleak.
After years in the trenches with no recognition,
O'Day wins Lineman of the Year - unrivaled at his position.
He'll be joined on the podium by sack leader Fred Perry,
Defensive Player of the Year, his pass rush was scary.

We're good for 2nd place at 11 and 7,
A home playoff game! The Rider Nation is in heaven.
The path through the playoffs looks much like '06
Except the Stamps come to Mosaic - Henry still throws four picks.
Yet again in the final the Lions we face
But as history dictates we will fail at BC Place.
Once again we’ll be close but end with a tear.
We’ll have a good run but have to wait one more year

So you’ll hear me exclaim as I dash into the night.
Go Riders Go, let’s hope I’m not right!

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