Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Blog that should have won

Here's the blog that should have won the mysask blog contest.

Rider Prophet here with all the news that is news across the Rider Nation.

Going in to camp we had more holes to fill than a city road worker. But after a good camp and with 2 preseason wins in hand, I am much more confident in our team now than I was back in May.

The top story continues to be coaching. You can't talk Rider football without discussing the new Austin regime. I'll be the first to admit I had my doubts when he was hired but I must say I've been pleasantly surprised. Austin has thus far shown to have all the makings of a great coach. He's all business and his business is all about winning. He brings an aura of confidence with him that's quite refreshing.

However, history isn't on Kent's side as only 7 first year head coaches in the last 56 years have gone on to win the cup. Statistically, winning the cup this year is about as likely as a "We Love Ballsy" chant breaking out on the East side of Mosaic Stadium.

Another story being followed closely is the battle at quarterback. Joseph and Crandell have been in a dead heat since training camp opened which I think is great! Nothing like competition to bring out the best in players. After watching Friday's game I would bet on Joseph to start
- his mobility will come in handy as our o-line continues to mesh. That said, I think Crandell is the more accurate passer and expect him to be the man under centre by mid-season.

Don't worry Kerry; if Marcus does beat you out for top spot we could always use a good Safety.

The off-season departure of Kenton Keith left a gap in our offense that would rival the one between Henry Burris' teeth. A brand new twist to this story was thrown in on Saturday when we acquired Wes Cates after Bracey and Russell struggled on Friday. Cates is a solid back and I expect him to start at least until Henri Childs is healthy again.

Although Cates has good hands, don't expect the Riders to run a swing pass until Henri returns. This is smart coaching, since everyone knows that the swing pass is Childs' play.

A dangerous passing attack in Saskatchewan? All signs point to just that. The preseason games have shown that we are willing and able to complete passes over 20 yards. We are even starting to use the middle of the field instead of the tried and true 5 yard out. For the first time in a long time our QB will have an array of talented receivers to choose from when passing: Dominguez, Armstead, Flick, Murphy and this year's break-out performer Andy Fantuz (and that's just our starters).

The last time we had this many capable receivers Michael Keaton was Batman, Russia was still known as the USSR and the Quebec Nordiques had just drafted a young Swedish hot shot named Sundin.

Like many out there I was a bit worried about our secondary coming into the season with the loss of Bush and Morgan. I'm happy to say I'm no longer worried. Rontarius has stepped up big time this season and Justin looks like he'll fit in nicely with the returning Clovis and Johnson on Eddie Davis' squad.

Although Dokes had a good preseason, it seems the coaches forgot about Dre.

So there you have it Rider fans, if the preseason is any indication we're in for an exciting season. Until next time, I'm the Rider Prophet.

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