Friday, May 31, 2024

Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

Seems weird to have the entire league preparing for the preseason finale and we have no game to talk about. So rather than my normal Friday game preview, you’ll have to settle for some random Friday thoughts.


-        Riders (finally) unveiled a new alternate jersey/logo. And while it wasn’t the blacks many have been pinning for for years, the obsidian greens are pretty cool. They are different but not stupid (like the watermelon jerseys from a few years). Many an ivory backscratcher will be purchased by Rider brass with the proceeds from these jersey sales.

-        I plan to fund the purchase of this new jersey by simply not drinking at stadium prices for the first half of one game.

-        Some rookies that I think have a good shot of making the active roster when cuts are made this weekend: DeMarcus Fields, CJ Avery, Antoine Brooks, Dhonte Meyers, Ajou Ajou.

-        I apologize in advance as I most likely cursed all those people and half will be cut within 10 minutes of this being posted.  

-        Random thing that probably only one or two other people will get: Whenever I see the name Ajou Ajou it makes me think of Dave Chappelle’s character in Robin Hood: Men In Tights

-        Mel Brooks was a gem.

-        Update: Turns out Mel Brooks is still alive. So I guess he is a gem.

-        Vets that I think could be on the bubble: Amari Henderson, Tre Crawford and long shot but possible surprise Frankie Hickson.

-        Vet who should be on the bubble but will somehow survive: Antonio Pipkin.

-        If the Riders wanted to guarantee a sellout apparently all they needed to do was open a Taco Bell inside the stadium.

-        Side note: I like Taco Bell… but there is no way its worth waiting in a long line for. There is way better Mexican in this town.

-        Guys who may start on the practice roster but be an impact player at some point this season: Nicario Harper, Diego Fagot, Clint Ratkovich.

-        Again apologies for just greatly increasing the odds that these 3 are also cut.


Bryce Taylor said...

Can't wait for Monday's post regarding the easiest part of any coach's job.

Anonymous said...

I am Achoo, son of Asneeze.