Monday, May 27, 2024

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Another Preseason Win

Riders 28 – Elks 27

After going close to a decade without a preseason win, the Riders now find themselves on a two year preseason winning streak. That would be more impressive were it not for the fact that our 4 preseason wins almost equal the number of regular season wins over the past year.

So what did we learn in this game, you know other than the fact that Edmonton still has comically inept special teams?

Here are my random thoughts:

-        In a game where one of the primary goals was to evaluate Mason Fine, I thought we started with a terrible offensive game plan. It was just running for minimal gain on 1st down, leaving Fine to check down to a 6 yard gain on 2nd and 9, punt and repeat. We eventually loosened things up and he made a couple beauty throws. Am I convinced? Not fully, he still seems to excel at high percentage but low yardage passes. The 21 yard pass was a beauty but his other 8 completions netted 54 yards… less than 7 yards per completion.

-        But as much as the talk of Rider Nation is Fine vs. Patterson, I say keep both and turf Pipkin. He is utterly useless on anything but 3rd down plunge. It’s a waste of a roster spot and failure of coaches if we can’t find someone else to be effective at the plunge while also bringing some other value.

-        I can tell you that Donte Meyers is good and should have earned himself a starting spot. Last week he showed his speed. This week he showed he can make the tough catches.

-        There were 5 turnovers in that game and 3 of them were Edmonton just giving us the ball. Leake muffed a kick for the easiest TD Oneyka will ever see; Bethel-Thompson just dropped the ball and even the ever-reliable Geno Lewis popped up a pick 6. Can’t really say either were plays the Riders “made”.

-        I think the Canadian veterans we have on special teams like Kosi Oneyka and the Herdmans will pay dividends. Sound, solid downfield coverage.

-        Antoine Brooks seems to have a nose for the ball.. though generally a lot tackles for a DB means QB are going after you so I am not convinced his stats helped his case.

-        I wish Dheilly had the size to match his motor. Looks like a skinny receiver and plays like an animal.

-        Reid has a nastiness to him which I like. If he can learn to reign it in just enough to avoid penalties he should be good. If he can’t, his tenure may be short lived.

-        Sceviour clearly made an effort in practice last week to improve his snapping.

-        I hope Brett Lauther is getting all his bad kicks out in preseason. It would be great if his annual early season slump could end in time for the regular season.

-        I like Fields, Coldon did ok and thought Harper looked good for a guy with only a couple practices to his name.

-        Was not exactly a high quality game but at least you feel better about our performance than I sure the Elks do.  

-        Not a ton of penalties, especially for a preseason game where a lot starters didn’t play.

-        I was secretly pulling for a missed Lauther FG leading to the game ending in tie. It seemed a fitting end.

-        Guys I would have no issue cutting after 2 preseason games: Allison, Aduboffour, McIntosh, Tucker, Lipscomb and Pipkin. I would also be ok turfing Godfrey Oneyka but know we need him to stay if we plan on starting 2 Canadians in the secondary.  


Anonymous said...

Dakota Prukop is available as a 3rd down guy

Rider Prophet said...

I'd prefer to just teach one of our existing guys to do the plunge.