Monday, April 29, 2024

Monday Morning Hold Your Horses

With the draft going down tomorrow I am going to reserve my Sentimonies until Wednesday morning so I can opine on how we fared in the draft.

Check back Wednesday for thoughts, reactions, analysis and probably a heathy dose of outrage. 

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Anonymous said...

A general pre-draft comment. Over a dozen National players have gigs in the NFL from being drafted to camp invites. This includes 1-5, 7-9, 11 & 19 ranked players in the latest CFL Prospects rankings. Five of those are OL, 3 REC, 1 LB & 1 DL.

The Elks, RNaion & Riders all need to win now so need to get a guy who can play. With only 1 DL available in the top 10, I would suspect O'Day should be looking at drafting there. Elks are 3 deep in Nationals at DT, REDBLACKS probably looking @LB & OL so the Riders have a chance here they may not have in round 2. Or go OL. Still, it would not surprise me O'Day goes REC. I'm hearing again that the possibilities of them starting 3 CDN's there is real.