Monday, November 18, 2019

No Sentimonies Today

Going to need a day to digest this.


Bryce Taylor said...

Defence left everything on the field, gave up some deep shots but otherwise were all over the ball. Held them under 25 which should be a W. Offence outside the red zone wasn't amazing but again, should have been enough. Lauther hit all his kicks. Kick coverage was excellent, punting was decent. Moore, Powell, Roosevelt all had great games that under any other circumstances would be the story of the night. That miracle catch by Moore had me believing we'd at least push it to OT.

And then three straight pass plays from inside the ten. Apparently we learned nothing from the earlier trips to the red zone.

This has to fall squarely on McAdoo. Maybe he let your accolades from last week go to his head? Run the ball or get run out of town. Maybe I'll run for premier on the platform of making horrible play calling a criminal offence.

We'll look back on 2019 as a fantastic regular season, full of optimism that came out of massive uncertainty, ended by yet another classic Riders snatch of defeat from the jaws of victory.

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