Monday, November 25, 2019

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Grey Cup Thoughts

Look Hamilton, I’m not mad… I’m just disappointed. You somehow managed to screw up an ongoing string of postseason futility that spanned decades and generations. The simple comment “1990” was synonymous with failure, and quite frankly made jokes and insults insanely easy. But you had to go and ruin it, you big ruiners. Well in a fitting bit of karma, you now own the longest string of futility and “1999” is the new “1990”.   

In all seriousness, as much as  hate the Bombers and wish nothing but bad things on them, you have to be impressed with the playoff run they strung together. Sunday they were by far the best team (as much as it physically pains me to say that). Also, this has to feel pretty sweet for Bomber fans. I may disagree with their choice of football allegiances, their hygiene practices, their choice of mating partners, etc… but to stick with a team through 29 years of that is certainly admirable. I know how sweet 2007 felt here, so I can only imagine what adding over an addition decade of wait time must feel like. Enjoy your day and I’ll go back to hating you tomorrow.

Thus brings an end to the 2019 season… let us never speak of this again.

But the offseason is just beginning and the first thing on the to do list around here is the 2019 Rider Prophet Awards which will be handed out next Monday. The most anticipated part of those awards is the Fans’ Choice Douchebag of the Year. Where you the fans get to cast your vote for those who excelled in the field of douchebaggery.

Please cast your vote for your favourite. (There is also a Twitter poll if that’s more your thing. Votes sent by carrier pigeon or singing telegram are accepted and count double)

Here are this year’s nominees:

Jason Maas– He’s the two time defending champion in this category and looking to three-peat.

Simoni Lawrence – Despite his claims that he’s not a dirty player, he was suspended once and fined twice for three separate incidents of dirty play. Also, its really his fault that the Bomber no-Cup streak was broken when you think about it.

Andrew Harris – Reasons are obvious, but an additional reason I will add is that he has kept us waiting on pins and needles all this time to find out who tainted his supplement. Why must you keep us waiting Andrew?  

Other - Please leave the name of anyone else you feel deserves consideration in the comments section.

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Bryce Taylor said...

2019 Grey Cup: Worst Episode Ever.

Anonymous said...

The drought is over. The drought begins. Winnipeg has ended droughts of 17 years, 22 years & 29 years by beating Hamilton in the Grey Cup. It was pre-ordained. So, have you ever had a Rider entered in your Douchebag of the Year award? Just curious & if not, why not?

Rider Prophet said...

Cory Chamblin won the award in 2015. Haven't been many Rider nominated but it's not intentional. Had I done this in the Barrett era there could have been lots