Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Mail Bag

I spent a long time trying to come up with an idea for a post this morning. We're in a major lull in terms of CFL news. Free agents news is down to a trickle. Probably won't be much more until Mark's CFL Week in a few weeks. So talking about something topical is out (not that that has ever stopped me). I also went through and rejected a number of filler posts, including but not limited to: what if CFL players had to compete in random Olympic events, an op ed how the only logical way to stop the debate over the Eskimo team name is to move the team to the Northwest Territories, the merits of a regular season CFL game in Las Vegas just like how the NFL goes to London... only far drunker, what combinations of names on the back of player jerseys standing in a row on the sideline would make the funniest sentence (john WHITE, john CHICK, glenn LOVE, rakim COX) and a piece on random players of years gone by that I still hate (remember Jason Fench? ). 

But instead I opted to open the Rider Prophet mail bag and answer some questions from you my valued readers. Now in the spirit of full disclosure there is no actual mail bag. Its 2018, if someone sent me an actual letter that would be pretty weird. Also, all the following questions are made up because no one has sent me any questions electronically. Surprisingly this is does not even top the list of most questionable concepts for a post I've done over the years.  

Q: What are the Riders' chances in 2018?
A: About 1 in 9... Ok 1 in 8 since Montreal doesn't really count. Ok, more seriously I would say as good as last year. The west will still be super competitive but if you take away our slow start last season, we actually held our own pretty well last year. Last year I rightly predicted us in a crossover. Not to toot my own horn but "toot toot". There's still a ways to go yet in terms of shaping the roster but I see us in contention for 2nd or 3rd in the West.

Q: Is Chris Jones crazy?
A: Clearly. Of late he seems to be keeping under wraps more than in the begging but its still there. But for all his madness, he thus far has the team trending in the right direction. Provided he keeps winning, we will learn to live with the crazy.

Q: Are you crazy?
A: Let me put it this way. I cheer for the Riders, Vikings and Canadiens (and only really began following them in the 2000s). So based on my natural attractions to teams who especially and repeatedly break my heart you tell me if I'm crazy. Not to mention the whole robe and beard thing.

Q: Do you wear anything under the robe?
Well if I didn't I would need a longer robe or I'd be arrested for indecent exposure, if you get my drift. Also,this is Saskatchewan and frost bite is a real thing, so yes, yes I do.

Q: Who are some under the radar players to keep an eye on this season?
Well I've already expressed my love for both Derrick Moncrief and I'm Nick James Bitch. Other names to add include Cameron Judge (Assuming he's still playing football, no one has ever really addressed this) and Jake Harty.

Q: Do you see anymore big names being let go?
A: Nothing for sure but I don't think guys like Bakari Grant and Chad Owens are guaranteed anything. I think Trent Richardson currently sits dead last in the RB depth chart. And (maybe this is just me being overly optimistic) but I wouldn't rule out one of Clark or Dyakowski being beat out in camp and starting the year as the back-up. (Fingers crossed for Clark)

Q: Do you do birthday parties?
A: Sounds like the world's oddest birthday party but sure. You'd be surprised (and likely sickened) by the things that I would do for money. Serious inquiries only.

Q: Don't you hate pants?
A: Clearly


Anonymous said...

Agree with everyone under the radar except Judge. I thought he was an iffy choice in Round 1 anyway but there are jobs to be had at LB so maybe. Glad to see you see Riders challenging for 2nd, maybe 3rd. Tired of all the GC talk. I see the same. Wpg is getting a lot of action as a favourite but not from me. Way too early to predict but I'd put money on an Alberta team finishing 1st again. The Edge?? Reilly & Mitchell, who we love to hate, are the best in the West. Riders don't stack up on offence vs Eskimos. Running game much better, OL younger & better, have really good receivers even w/o Zylstra & Bowman. Good defence if you look at stats, & young. Riders not as good as Stamps on defence. Both have good DL's but LB comparison is a joke. Stamps DB's better. Stamps better on OL, equally good receivers but major ?? at RB. Rider questions that need to be answered - LT, RB, LB, CB. Nobody seems agreed on Collaros. Was the Hamilton OL that bad with Zach & flipped the switch with Masoli? He wasn't winning in 2016 either so he could be Willy post serious leg injury. We don't know. Is Hughes this year's John Bowman or last year's John Chick? We don't know. Did Hufnagel cast off Messam because he knows something we don't? Has Jovon Johnson got another year in him or is he Ryan Phillips? Are the odds in our favour that we go 4 for 4 on those ????? IMO 1 or 2 of those grey areas don't pan out. I DO think Collaros will be good but back to his MOP form may be too much to ask. He still wears that 0-12 mark coming in.

Darryl. said...

I will bring up the topic that nobody seems to want to bring up especially because this individual seems to find out and gets super pissed off.Do you think Rob Bagg is worth the 150-200 thousand that he is rumored to receive based on his production.He says he grades out super well after every game.Is there something I am missing?Curious for your opinion.

Rider Prophet said...

Anon - I think you raise a fair point about Collaros but I'm not worried about him. He showed way more than Willy ever did pre-injury. As for the other 3 I would agree going 2/3 on those old guys still having a good year left is needed. I'm not optimistic about Messam. Hopefully Hughes and Johnson still got it.

Darryl - I hadn't heard the 150-200 number. 150 wouldn't surprise me. If LaFrance is worth $110k, then 150 seems market rate for a longterm vet like Bagg. If its $200k that's a terrible use of money. Jones loves him. Hell I love him but even if he runs the best routes in the league (unlikely), given how little we use him you could swap him for a "token" Canadian receiver and not lose a lot production-wise. I would struggle with the logic that we need Bagg at 200 but Muamba is expendable at 230.

I hope Bagg has to earn his roster spot this year. He doesn't play on special team (like say Harty can or Demski used to) so even 150 for 400-500 yd receiver seems like a questionable use off salary cap.

Anonymous said...

Stats wise Bagg had the worst year of his career. What struck me was Derek Taylor's comment & I suspect he's a closet Rider fan (his spouse works in Saskatoon). His Kenny Shaw award for not breaking a tackle all season went to Bagg last year. I lkie Bagg but then I was always a big fan of the Esk's Bowman as well, but there is a time to move on. At that salary, even 150,000 I think it may be time except for one thing. We have nobody but Harty behind him with any kind of experience. Bailey has been around but can't play ST so that's why Edmonton got rid of him. Outside of his size, I don't know why Jones has him. He was drafted in 2014 & never used much in Jones' 2 Edm seasons. So maybe Bagg has to stay 1 more year. But I think there really isn't much of a role for him. Definitely a bubble player now.