Wednesday, February 14, 2018

CFL Free Agency Day 1 Summary

Here's a summary of all that went on for each team on a busy Day 1. I expect a few more moves on Day 2 so I will hold off and provide full analysis of the Rider moves on Thursday (Spoiler alert: I'm pretty pumped about the Zach Evans thing!).

PS - It's Valentine's Day, if you haven't already gotten a gift now would be a good time to fake a severe stomach flu. 

Extended: OL Dan Clark, FB Spencer Moore
Added: DL Zach Evans, RB Jerome Messam
Lost: DL AC Leonard, WR Nic Demksi, LB Glenn Love, OL Derrick Dennis, DL Antonio Longino, DL Ese Mrabure

Extended: QB Travis Lulay
Added: DL Euclid Cummings, OL Joel Figueroa, OL Jeremy Lewis, DB Gary Peters, DB Cauchy Muamba, DB Dominique Termansen, LB Mitch Barnett, DB AJ Jefferson, OL Chris Greaves
Lost: DL Alex Bazzie, DB Louchiez Purifoy, DB Chandler Fenner,

Extended: DB Forest Hightower, DB Johnny Adams
Added: DL Alex Bazzie
Lost: DL Euclid Cummings, OL Joel Figueroa

Extended: WR Da’Varis Daniels, RB Roy Finch, WR Anthony Parker, LB Deron Mayo
Added: DB Emmanuel Davis, DB Adam Berger, Ese Mrabure
Lost: RB Jerome Messam, DB Tommie Campbell, DB Joe Burnett

Extended: DB Kevin Fogg
Added: WR Nic Demski, DB Chandler Fenner, RB Kienan LaFrance
Lost: LB Sam Hurl

Extended: DB Cassius Vaughn, DB Jermaine Gabriel, DB Johnny Sears
Added: n/a
Lost: K Lirim Hajrullahu, DB Mitchell White

Extended: DL Ted Laurent, WR Luke Tasker, LB Larry Dean, LB Nic Shortill
Added: K Lirim Hajrullahu
Lost: LB Mitch Barnett, DB Dominique Ellis

Extended: DB Jonathan Rose
Added: DL AC Leonard, DB Louchiez Purifoy, QB Dominique Davis
Lost: QB Drew Tate, DB Adam Berger, DL Zach Evans

Extended: OL Matt Vonk, OL Xavier Fulton, WR SJ Haidara, K Boris Bede, DB Tevaughn Campbell
Added: DB Tommie Campbell, DB Joe Burnett, DB Mitchell White, DB Dominique Elis
Lost: OL Jeremy Lewis, DB Dominique Termansen, OL Chris Greaves


Anonymous said...

Is it June Yet

stoked for the 2018 Season

Anonymous said...

Getting Messam cost us Muamba. Probably have to go import @ MLB unless anyone thinks Hurl is the answer. Would I trade Muamba for Messam & Hurl? No. Messam's stats way down last year if you look beyond yards. Only RB in top 10 below 5 yds/carry. Derek Taylor commented on him as the worst RB in the league at catching the ball. He can't catch, isn't known to block well & how does he fit in with Richardson, Thigpen & Marshall on board? If we didn't have CAP issues, okay, but I don't get it.

Rider Prophet said...

Agreed if the trade is Muamba for Hurl/Messam then its an awful deal. I don't like it.