Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Most Likely To...

I spent a while trying to think of something to write about this morning. Admittedly its not like there is ever a shortage of Rider things to talk about. I mean, hell, in this province I could do an expose on the fast food preferences of team members and it may end up as front page news. But the problem is that most good stories at this point would require a fair bit of research... something I am decidedly too lazy to do at this point. The only thing topical seems to be discussions of Vince Young... and I'll be damned if I'm going to waste any space or time writing about someone who won't amount to jack in the CFL. Either he's not coming up here (my preferred option) or he's coming up here with a full media circus and will eventually flame out in training camp. Either way he's not worth discussing.

So what is a lazy blogger with a decidely anti-Vince Young bias to-do?

Well I went through the team photos and did a high school year book style "Most likely to" feature. What it lacks in depth and content it makes up for in mild forms of entertainment.

Most Likely to still get ID'ed: Dan Clark

Most Likely to still be recovering from the night before: Tyler Crapigna
Most Likely to be mind humping the photographer: Greg Morris

Most Likely to turn out to be a serial killer: Josh Bartel
 Most likely to have responded "I am smiling": Greg Jones
Most likely to QB the Riders in 2017: ..
Just kidding... screw him! I would honestly take a Rocky Butler comeback attempt more seriously.

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