Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Mark's CFL Week

This week the CFL will invade Regina, for Mark's CFL Week. I'd just like to point out that by using the sponsor's name in both the title and opening line of this post I'm helping the Mark's brand reach 8 people who still read this blog... I'll assume my royalty cheque is in the mail.

This week long event is a surprisingly inspired idea from the CFL. Usually the CFL seems to go out of its way to be off the radar during the offseason. The only time it seems to be in the media is reluctantly when a player is charged with something, or when a well intentioned GM inadvertently breaks league rules for like the 8th time. But this week-long event will put the league on the map for all the right reasons. It is a tremendous opportunity to connect with the fans, generate excitement for the season and highlight an event that a few years ago most people didn't know existed, let alone care about (the combine). Hopefully it will become an annual event. Regina a is logical starting point because we will literally throw money at anything involving the Riders and a beer garden. I think it would also be a great success in places like Winnipeg, Ottawa, Hamilton, Edmonton and Calgary. Montreal could probably make it work if the event was held on St Catherine's St, at night (come for the bench press, stay for a lap dance).

Twenty year old me would likely have spent the entire week taking in the festivities (with a heavy emphasis on the beer gardens). Current me has these annoying things called "adult responsibilities" like work and children not to mention laws that prevent me from leaving said children in the care of my dog. Also, my transition to ornery old man is well on its way as I realize with each passing year I like interacting with people less and less (there's a reason I run a blog and not a call in show). So I likely won't make it to much of the festivities but I do plan on getting down there for at least bit. The week of football is a great cure for the offseason blues. Also, let's be honest given your sad attempts at pretending you knew anything about college basketball, your bracket is so busted that you are now back to ignoring the sport like you do the other 51 weeks of the year.

So let's show the CFL and the players and prospects here a good time. I expect you to all be on your best behaviour.  That means keep your pants on until at least 10pm; keeps your jeers to opposing  players and fans PG-13 and not personal; and for the love of god if you feel the need to whack the knee of a player with a blunt object make sure you wear a balaclava and a jersey from a non-Rider team. Also ensure the player is not retired or one of our players. 

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